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AP: Sandusky looking for 2-month delay

Call it a request for a delay of game, since Jerry Sandusky is known to throw out football-related terms and phrases in his legal battle against charges of sexual abuse. Sandusky is hoping to get his trial pushed back a couple months, so he can be better prepared for court.

The following AP brief was posted by one of our media partners, The Reporter [link];

Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer wants the judge in his child sex-abuse case to delay the start of his trial until mid-July. The former Penn State assistant football coach filed a motion Monday that says he needs more time to contact and interview witnesses, subpoena records and hire experts. The 68-year-old Sandusky faces 52 criminal charges he sexually abused 10 boys over a 15-year period, allegations he denies. Two weeks ago, Judge John Cleland tentatively scheduled jury selection in the trial to start May 14 in Centre County. Sandusky is also asking for more time to file a catch-all pretrial motion that’s due Thursday.

Well, Sandusky has had since November to get prepared for this trial. How much more time does he need past May, really? Throw in the fact that he should have been preparing for this as far as back as when he was first being investigated, and you have to wonder if this is anything more than a stall tactic so he can enjoy life in his own home.

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