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At Penn State quarterbacks get in legal trouble for stealing a bottle of Gatorade

Remember when Penn State quarterback Rob Bolden got in to a little legal snafu a few months back? Bolden was caught shoplifting a bottle of Gatorade, and then-interim head coach Tom Bradley said he returned the bottle unopened. Apparently it was a minor prank. While still dumb when you put pen to paper, nobody was harmed in that incident.

Or what about when Matt McGloin got knocked out in a locker room scuffle after a practice?

It all pales in comparison to the quarterback situation in Notre Dame, where Tommy Rees is sitting in a jail cell after resisting arrest and being charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and more this morning. Rees was tracked down by police after he attempted to run away from the scene of a loud house party being broken up.

Sometimes it is good to know other schools have quarterback issues as well.