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Battle between Board of Trustees and Paterno family begins

The inevitable battle between Penn State’s Board of Trustees is now beginning. Many knew this day would come, but as time passed, they hoped it would be avoided.

Around 10 am on Monday, the Board of Trustees decided to issue a statement about their actions in firing former university president, Graham Spanier, and the late Joe Paterno. Their main reason for both men is lack of leadership regarding the Sandusky scandal.

The statement by the Board of Trustees came out right before the pre-trail hearing for the Jerry Sandusky case began.

The Paterno family quickly released a response to the Board of Trustees, as it was posted on Onward State at 4:30 Monday afternoon. In it, the Paterno family question how the leadership displayed by the Board.

Many students and alumni are baffled and embarrassed by the timing of the Board of Trustee’s statement. Some students are publicizing a meeting at 7pm on Thursday to organize a peaceful rally against the Board of Trustees.

Despite many expecting this at some point, no one is fully prepared for what is ahead. To simply put, it is time for us all to #BuckleUp.

Photo Credit: Gene J. Puskar, Associated Press

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