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Covering a Nightmare


Alfonzo Dennard, possibly the nation’s top draft-eligible cornerback, is coming to town this Saturday. Penn State hosts Nebraska in what should be a historic game (Nebraska’s first game as a Big Ten member in Beaver Stadium and the continuation of a legendary series between football powerhouses). Additionally, the game has huge Big Ten title game implications. With PSU’s QB situation still shaky, Dennard might make Derek Moye’s day a nightmare.

Unfortunately though, the hearts and minds of college football aren’t about covering the game or on Nebraska’s stellar cover corner. No, all attention is on the horrific scandal involving former coach Jerry Sandusky and Penn State’s lack of action concerning what it knew.

I don’t think anyone wants to talk about this story. But we must. Sadly, the very fabric of what makes Penn State so special–a family-first atmosphere, a primary concern for the student-athlete, and a Success with Honor mantra–is what made such a tragedy possible. Sandusky, a disturbed and deviant individual, used his access and trust within the boundaries of the program to abuse children.

Enough conversation and coverage are being made of the issue. I don’t have anything new to offer, except for earnest prayers for justice to be carried out to ALL guilty parties and for deep healing to all the victims and families involved.

If you’re looking for more information on the scandal or some solid perspectives, these are the best I’ve found. Feel free to add more in the “comments” sections below.

“Timeline of Events” from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Jerry Sandusky: Allegations and Obligations” from Black Shoe Diaries

“Darkness” by Joe Posnanski of Sports Illustrated (he’s writing a book currently on Paterno)