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Maryland to get $20-30 million subsidy from Big Ten

When Maryland joins the Big Ten in 2014, they will also be receiving some financial aid from the conference reportedly between $20 and $30 million. As first reported by The Baltimore Sun, the deal would be aimed at helping Maryland cover increased travel expenditures once joining the conference.

From The Baltimore Sun;

The cost of sending its teams halfway across the country — as far away as Lincoln, Neb. (1,201 miles), and Iowa City, Iowa (905 miles) — was projected by the school to approximately double its travel budget.


The subsidy underscores how much the Big Ten coveted Maryland and the accompanying Baltimore-Washington television market. Maryland had some leverage in the talks because — unlike some schools exploring jumping conferences — it was not coming from a league, the ACC, that appears in imminent danger of collapse.


It was not clear when the subsidy is to be received and whether it will be a lump sum or series of payments. School officials said the specifics were private, and the Big Ten declined comment.

According to the report, there is no indication Rutgers will receive any such subsidy. Penn State and Nebraska did not receive any financial aid from the Big Ten when they joined the conference, respectively. Of course, neither of those schools ever entered the conference with over $80 million in debt.

What do you think about Maryland receiving some extra help once joining the Big Ten? Does it matter for the Big Ten, or Penn State? Or do you not care? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

Source: The Baltimore Sun