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Nittany Lions Den is first exclusive Penn State site on Alltop

No 2-Minute Warning Network syndicates three websites on Alltop

Featured in Alltop

Over the course of the past week the No 2-Minute Warning Network has been fortunate enough to have all three current member sites be picked up for inclusion on Alltop, a website that imports stories from top websites and blogs on a variety of topics.

Alltop shares headlines from a collection of websites, highlighting the five most recent updates from each. To determine which websites are included in their feeds, Alltop reviews each website and blog for content, Google searches, and recommendations from social networks such as Twitter.

Two websites on the No 2-Minute Warning Network are listed under College FootballNo 2-Minute Warning, and Nittany Lions Den, a Penn State exclusive blog, are listed along feeds from ESPN, CBSSports.com, Yahoo! Sports, FOXSports.com, New York Times, Sports Illustrated, NBCSports.com, Scout.com and more, Nittany Lions Den is the first and only Penn State exclusive site on Alltop at this time.

Macho Row, a Philadelphia Phillies blog, is the only Phillies-exclusive site on Alltop aside from the feed from the team’s official website. It can be found on Alltop’s Baseball page along feeds from New York Times, Baseball America, MLB Trade Rumors, Baseball Prospectus, Baseball Reference and a number of official MLB news feeds.

About Alltop

The purpose of Alltop is to help you answer the question, “What’s happening?” in “all the topics” that interest you. You may wonder how Alltop is different from a search engine. A search engine is good to answer a question like, “How many people live in China?” However, it has a much harder time answering the question, “What’s happening in China?” That’s the kind of question that we answer.

We do this by collecting the headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs that cover a topic. We group these collections — “aggregations” — into individual web pages. Then we display the five most recent headlines of the information sources as well as their first paragraph. Our topics run from adoption to zoology with photographyfoodsciencereligioncelebritiesfashiongamingsportspoliticsautomobilesMacintosh, and hundreds of other subjects along the way.

You can think of Alltop as the “online magazine rack” of the web. We’ve subscribed to thousands of sources to provide “aggregation without aggravation.” To be clear, Alltop pages are starting points—they are not destinations per se. Ultimately, our goal is to enhance your online reading by displaying stories from sources that you’re already visiting plus helping you discover sources that you didn’t know existed.

Here’s how some other people have explained Alltop. First, Dan Roam, author of Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems with Pictures, used these two pictures to explain Alltop vis-à-vis Google. Second, read the review by Sarah Perez in ReadWriteWeb. In a nutshell, Alltop is an information filter to help you find your nuggets of gold.

About No 2-Minute Warning Network

The No 2-Minute Warning Network is a small-scaled blog network focused on providing link exchanges between affiliated websites in the form of blog rolls and links in posts, where appropriate. The purpose of the network is to unify similar websites in an effort to further promote content and reach a wider audience by reaching out to and connecting with mainstream media partners where possible, as well as business and advertising partners. The network is independent but works under various affiliations with Bloguin, Yardbarker and FOXSports.com.

If you have a website and would like to join the network, send an email through the Contact page.

About Nittany Lion’s Den

Nittany Lion’s Den launched in June 2011 with a mixed staff of Penn State fans, students and media in a unique joint venture. The site launched on the Bloguin network in order to bring unique Penn State coverage to the network of sports sites covering college and professional sports and more.