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Nittany Lion’s Den is taking names and chewing bubble gum

And we’re allll out of bubble gum

In the fallout of the Penn State scandal which has rocked the university and community as well as the college sports world, we are learning that some Penn Staters are seeing this impact them in the work force. We have seen tweets that some students have lost internships as a result of being associated with Penn State.

We have also see reports that some corporate entities are considering dropping their financial support for THON. You know THON. It’s the largest student-run charitable organization that raises money for pediatric cancer.

There is No reason what happened with the scandal should be effecting the Penn State students and the desire to raise funds to fight health problems for youth. None.

Therefore, we are taking names, as per the suggestion of one of our friends form Joe Pa’s Doghouse (via Twitter).

So here we go.

In the comments section below, please submit the names of any companies you know of that are either rescinding scholarships, internships or corporate sponsorships for THON as a result. We want people to know just how vain these organizations are for suggesting that the actions of a few in a leadership position are translate to the student body and beyond.