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Paying tribute to Michael Robinson on Crystal Ball Run

This week Bloguin’s newest college football blog, Crystal Ball Run, is taking a look at some of our favorite players, games, announcers and more in college football. I took the opportunity to write about one of my favorite Penn State players, former quarterback Michael Robinson. You can read my thoughts here, although I could certainly go on and on about Robinson’s impact on the program if I wanted to continue.

Below is a snippet of what I wrote on Crystal Ball Run.

When I decided to come up with my own piece for this week’s theme I thought it over for a while and knew I would eventually come back to something Penn State related. As I said, I grew up learning about college football by watching Penn State. Sure, I could go the expected route and tell you why I love Joe Paterno (I grew up in a house that placed a miniature cardboard Joe Pa on top of the Christmas tree every other year, except for during the early 2000’s), or I could once again wax poetic justice for the 1994 undefeated team (which to this day remains full of many fond memories for me), but when I think about my favorite player at Penn State, it may not be who you would initially think.

Allow me to introduce you to Michael Robinson, one of my favorite players in Penn State football history.

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Writing this got me thinking though. Who are some of your favorites in Penn State history? Share your favorite players, games, plays and more in the comments section below, and we’ll recap everybody’s thoughts in a future post.