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NFL.com writer ranks Penn State uniform No. 1in 2014

The offseason is starting to shift into full preview mode for college football fans, which is fantastic. Hopefully, this means no more rankings of scoreboards and more discussion on wins and losses, key players and so on. This morning this tweet from Philadelphia sports radio station 94 WIP caught my eye while I was writing something up about Louisville’s black out uniforms;

Naturally, my reaction was “But of course.”

The CBS Philly story linked by WIP actually touches briefly on a story on NFL.com written by Bryan Fischer (@BryanDFischer on Twitter, follow him). Fischer ranked the top 14 uniforms for the 2014 season in the ongoing “14 for ’14” series previewing the upcoming college football season. Other teams making the list include Stanford’s all-black alternate uniform, N.C. State’s new alternate helmet, and UCLA’s midnight black alternate uniform, which tells me Bryan and I have quite a different take on college football uniforms. But Bryan and I can come together on number one on his list, Penn State’s classic look.

Here’s what Bryan has to say about the Penn State uniforms;

There’s just something great about seeing the clean lines and classic look of the Nittany Lions once the team will take the field with a white-out at Beaver Stadium. The design has changed little over the years, but there have been some slight tweaks the last few seasons. Notably, former head coach Bill O’Brien added names to the back — but that might be a decision James Franklin will reverse in 2014. Until Penn State takes the field, we’ll wonder what the exact look will be this year. But, as always, we’ll have a good idea given the history of the blue and white.

The only other Big Ten team to make the list was Wisconsin, with the all-red uniform. Personally, I would have a much different top 14, but to each his or her own!

What would your top 14 look like?

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