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Sponsored Post: What would Craig Fitzgerald think about Spartan Races?

This post brought to you by Spartan Race. All opinions are 100% mine.

Here at Nittany Lions Den we pride ourselves on having a voice in the track and field community. Our Ryan Hogan has been working hard on organizing one of our podcasts, dedicated to the sport and he will continue to provide some great coverage of the sport at the Penn State, NCAA and international level leading up to and through the Olympic games in London this summer.

But for those of you who think the sport is boring (no offense), perhaps you would be more interested in a Spartan Race.

So, what is a Spartan Race?


Remember American Gladiators, and The Eliminator? Think of a Spartan Race as a tougher, more grueling version of that. Now multiply it by five.

Allow me to share this video with you because it puts it rather simply.

Ok so we have a super physical obstacle course that will test you in a number of ways ordinary running could only imagine.

While Nittany Lions Den has no plans to begin covering Spartan Races, we would be interested to know what new Director of Strength and Conditioning Craig Fitzgerald thinks about the activity. We know he is enjoying being able to introduce a new weight training program to Penn State’s football players. If he ever decides to check out a new program, maybe this will catch his eye.

Can you imagine Penn State defensive linemen making this a part of their routine? If one of the things holding Penn State’s d-line back in recent seasons was toughness, it may be safe to say Spartan Races would correct that, no?

If you would like to learn more about Spartan Races, check out their frequently asked questions.

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