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Star Wars Episode IV: TicketCity

Firstly, I apologize for the lack of updates to the site recently. Hopefully Penn State naming Petersen, Murphy, Munchak, Bradley, O’Brien, Saban, Rockne, Radio, Nobody as the next head coach has been exciting enough to get you to today though.

Today, of course, is game-day.  It’s the last game-day of the most emotional season in Nittany Lion history, and it features a great match-up against the University of Houston Cougars.

If you are a “long time” follower of the NLD, then you remember Star Wars Episodes One, Two and Three.  “Star Wars” is NittanyLionsDen.com’s analysis of recruiting rankings (or “Star” ratings) from Scout.com and Rivals.com, and compares these star ratings to performance on the field.  The Star Wars formula, found Here, is a quantitative estimate of how good a team should be if every recruit played to his star rating.  Penn State has a rating of 4.04.

The Cougars have a final score of 3.05.  This would place Houston behind every BigTen team (Indiana is the lowest at 3.18), but above previous Penn State opponents Eastern Michigan (2.81) and Temple (2.93).

However, as most of you know, star ratings should be taken with a grain of salt. For example Wisconsin, who won the BigTen Championship, had the 6th best rating in the conference. Also, Houston QB Case Keenum was ranked a “2-star”; Penn State QB Robert Bolden was ranked a “4-star”.


Happy Game-Day everybody!