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Video: Ann Curry Grills Jerry Sandusky’s Lawyer

After speaking to the media for a full hour on Tuesday, Joe Amendola continued his national media blitz Wednesday morning. Amendola was a guest on NBC’s The Today Showas well as ABC’s Good Morning America Wednesday morning to discuss his client’s case after Jerry Sandusky opted to waive his right to a preliminary hearing.

The decision was met with a great amount of critics and skeptics on a national level, leaving Amendola to face some tough questions not only about his client’s innocence but as well as his own place in this case. Some legal analysts have labeled Amendola’s actions is unorthodox and questionable.

NBC’s Ann Curry went to far as to question whether or not Amendola is competent to serve as Sandusky’s counsel.

“In light of your decision to waive the preliminary hearing yesterday and also your decision to allow your client to speak to the press not once but more than once, and the question is pretty tough,” Curry prefaced to Amendola during a live interview. “Mr. Amendola, are you competent to defend Jerry Sandusky against these charges?”

Amendola said many of the same things he stated on Tuesday in response.

“Well I’m competent to defend him but the fact of the matter is that he’s facing an uphill battle which I have compared to climbing Mt. Everest from the bottom,” Amendola replied. “I think that we have a defense but as you know, when these charges were first filed in early November, the media and the public convicted Jerry Sandusky before he even had a chance to appear in court, and unfortunately despite our efforts he’s still facing a really tough task. So as far as competency is concerned, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that we can give Jerry the best defense possible, but the fact still remains he’s facing a really tough challenge in overcoming those allegations.”

The full interview can be found below.

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It should be noted that Amendola’s appearance on Good Morning America, in which George Stephanopoulos interviewed Amendola, saw some of the same quotes and explanations as well. When that video becomes available it will be added here.

Here is yesterday’s edition of The Nittany Minute, reacting to the decision to waive the preliminary hearing.


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