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Are You Willing to Prepare?

Couple of great quotes caught my eye this morning.

Jesse Spector at the Blueshirts Blog reports the Rangers’ locker room has a new feature – on each side of the room, above the lockers, is the slogan…

“Everyone wants to win… Not everyone is willing to prepare to win”

…i tell you what, that quote fires me up. It always seems like the good teams have a motto or slogan they use to motivate them to success. Hopefully this is it for the Rangers.

On the slogan Lundqvist says…

“A couple guys really liked the quote,” Lundqvist said. “Now we have it up there on the wall. I think it’s really good. If you ask anybody in the league, ‘Do you want to win?’ Of course you want to win. But it takes a lot out of you, and out of the team to win. You have to prepare, and you have to work hard, and you have to pay a price to win. That’s what it means.”

While Andrew Gross at Rangers Rants has this quote from Brandon Prust on this last week’s schedule…

“We all looked at the schedule and we knew it was a week to send a message.”

…and boy are they ever doing that. Especially if they can come away with a win today.

Gross has more quotes from the Rangers on today’s game here.

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