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Avery is a Reason to Love New York

As part of New York Magazine’s “Reasons to Love New York 2011”, Will Leitch points to Sean Avery moonlighting as a fashion maven and gay-rights activist as the 13th biggest reason…

“It’s more than a little ironic, then, that the most despised person in a sport full of despicable people has, amazingly, become one of the most progressive athletes in all of professional sports. This spring, Avery came forward in support of same-sex marriage. “I’m Sean Avery, and I’m a New Yorker for marriage equality,” he said in a spot for an advocacy group. “I treat everyone the way I expect to be treated, and that applies to marriage.” He even lobbied in Albany before the vote.”

…this is one of the reasons why I’m baffled that Bettman has it out for Avery. He is one of the few players that appeals to the non-traditional hockey fan that NHL seems to covet but can never convert. If they actually allowed Avery to do his thing while using him to market the game through his work for marriage equality and fashion I think the NHL would finally be able to reach that audience that has alluded them all these years.

…in Bettman’s defense, it is sort of hard for the NHL to promote the game using a guy who barely plays.

…h/t to reader Andrea G.

Speaking of Avery, Nick Montemagno at the Rangers Tribune feels that the Rangers should put “The Grate One” out of his misery.

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