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Blues 4, Rangers 1

The New York Rangers (17-8-4) lost to the St. Louis Blues (18-9-3) by the score of 4-1, tonight. For a boxscore and recap go to Yahoo! Sports.

…that’s as bad as it gets Rangers fans. Team slept walked through that one. Very rarely do you see this team lack effort and energy the way they did tonight.

…hmmm, energy? Effort? Wonder where the Rangers can find some of that. 11-3-1 with Avery in the line-up, 6-5-3 without. Nuff said.

…teams who don’t work hard don’t get power plays.

…McD’s game seems to be sagging a bit lately. Wonder if all those minutes are catching up with the young defenseman.

…Rangers 2-3-1 since HBO began filming. Just sayin’.

…Rangers could have used Callahan’s grandmother out there tonight. (h/t to Desmond L.)

…zero points and a -3 in the last two games for Richards. Also only won 4-of-23 faceoffs tonight.

…at least EC was in there in case the game went to a shootout.

…loved seeing Hagelin get some time with Richards and Gaborik. He’s getting better every game.

…Dubinsky couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat right now. This has to be rock bottom for him, no?

…i dare someone to give me a reason why Boyle shouldn’t be a healthy scratch on Saturday night.

…when was the last time a Rangers team figured out an opponent’s trap?

…poor Hank.

…got to give Del Zotto credit for fighting his way out of whatever went wrong last season. He’s been real solid this year, especially since Sauer went down.

…over 20 minutes for Stralman?!?!?!?!

…off tomorrow then in Phoenix Saturday night.

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QUOTES (via Blueshirts United):
Brad Richards…

“We just didn’t do enough tonight to win the hockey game. We were definitely outplayed tonight.

“We weren’t good enough to win that hockey game. They were better; they were hungrier; can’t worry about what they do when we are not doing enough to even have a chance to win the game.”

Henrik Lundqvist…

“That third goal, you gotta be kidding me. But it happens. It’s just frustrating when it happens. The difference, though, in winning and losing is small, small details. We won’t overthink this. We could’ve played better. We just need to keep working hard.”

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