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Callahan Injury Causing Energy Crisis

Larry Brooks at the New York Post says since the Ryan Callahan injury the Rangers are trying to become more of a patient, counter-punching team similar to last year…

“The Black-and-Blueshirts are different without Callahan, and this isn’t a good thing. The energy level is down. Their attack and pack philosophy is compromised. Their ability to generate momentum from shift to shift and to go from one hard cycle to the next has been diminished since No. 24 went down a few minutes into last Wednesday’s match in Pittsburgh.”

Brooks adds that Sean Avery’s value has increased with the Callahan injury.

…Brooks hits the nail on the head here. If you look at the last three games the Rangers have really only played two good period (3rd periond against Pens & Coyotes).

…i would hate for the Rangers to change philosophy just because Callahan went down. This team has plenty of energy guys (Avery, Prust, Boyle) who can pick up the slack.

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