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Canadiens 4, Rangers 3, OT (Tied 1-1)

The New York Rangers lost to the Montreal Canadiens by the score of 4-3 in overtime of Game 2 of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal match-up. The series is now tied at 1-1. For a box score, click here.

3 Goats

1st Goat – Hockey stick manufacturers (Can we please make some sticks that won’t break?!?!?!)

2nd Goat – Montreal typical (You knew at some point the refs were going to start favoring the Canadiens)

3rd Goat – A certain Rangers defensive pair (I’m sure you can figure out who)

Honorable Mention – AV for having 3rd Goat on the ice in the final minute.

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

All the alcohol. Every. Single. Drop.

Gif of the Game

I felt this hit through the television…

Nick Holden Was So Bad…


Nick Holden was so bad, he broke his own stick before deflecting the game tying goal into his own net with 17.3 seconds remaining…

And Staal wasn’t that much better as he took out a teammate on each of the first two Canadiens goals…

How this pairing is on the ice in the final minute while Smith/Sjkei are watching is mind blowing.

AV has had a lot of success in his coaching career, but his personnel decisions continue to baffle.

Lundqvist Faced Some Rubber

Exclusive video of Lundqvist in the locker room immediately after making a career playoff high 54 saves on 58 shots…

Also, can someone give Lundqvist A GOD DAMN STICK WHEN HIS BREAKS!!!!!

Montreal Typical

So Zuccarello is almost knocked out of the game by an unpenalized illegal Ott hit, yet is somehow assessed a four minute roughing penalty?!?!?!

Hey Laviolette, what do you think about that?

At least Weber stupidly decided to pick a fight with Miller in the ensuing scrum, so he was stuck in the penalty box while the Canadiens failed on two straight power plays.

While the hitting continued in Game 2, there was a lot more chippiness which the referees were very inconsistent in calling. Either let them play or don’t. They can’t have the players guessing.

Mini Recap

That’s as rough as it gets folks. 17.3 seconds from having a strangle hold on the series and now the Rangers are in a dog fight. One thing I’ve learned from watching the numerous Blueshirts playoff games over the years is that momentum is rarely carried over from one game to another, so expect this devastating loss to be put behind the players by the time the puck drops Sunday night.

Having said that, the tying goal had a tangible impact in overtime as the Canadiens rode the momentum to completely dominate the Rangers. It wasn’t a matter of if the Canadiens were going to win but when.

As much as this game hurts, I’ve got to say, I’m loving this new Black & Blueshirts mentality. I’m pretty sure the Rangers threw more hits tonight than they did all season. While it didn’t lead to victory, if they continue to play with this same vigor and intensity, I like their chances of ending up with four victories.

While it was absolute chaos around Lundqvist all night, Carey Price hasn’t had nearly enough to contend with in front. The Rangers need to do a much better job with their net front presence.

The fourth line was probably the Rangers best for the second straight game. And that’s not a good thing.

Loving the straight up nasty that Brandon Smith is bringing to this series. Some pretty good defense as well.

It seems that Skjei is taking his cue from Smith as he’s gone from finesse defenseman to one with some snarl to his game.

JT Miller on his mindset coming into this game…

Have you seen these two?

Hey Price, I’m pretty sure you lost this on Grabner’s breakaway goal…

Just when you think Nash might finally succeed in the playoffs, his neutral zone turnover leads to the game winner for Montreal.

Got to love Vesey taking a huge hit to make a play on the Nash goal…

Klein in for Holden?

All the blame shouldn’t just fall on Holden/Staal, as three of the four goals could have been prevented with better defense up top from the forwards including and especially Zibanejad on the game winner.

Amazing PK all for naught.

Obviously, MSG has not given the Rangers the home ice advantage you would normally expect during the regular season. If the Rangers are to be victorious in this series, they’re going to have to learn how to win at home again. Despite the embarrassing church like atmosphere at The World’s Most Famous Arena from October to the beginning of April, once the playoffs begin, the electricity is usually turned back on, so let’s hope the Blueshirts can take advantage of their own hostile environment.

Not sure what the concern is, didn’t we all expect the Rangers to win the series in seven? Tough to do that when you’re up 2-0. 😉

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30 thoughts on “Canadiens 4, Rangers 3, OT (Tied 1-1)

  1. 89 shots on Hank in 2 games. If this keeps up
    he will face more shots in the playoffs than in the regular season. Holden needs to sit, Zib and Kreids need to wake up, everyone needs to remember to give Hank a stick or get an effing whistle if his breaks, AV needs to stop dismissing Hank’s games as routine in his post game interviews, and the team needs a new stick manufacturer. Other than that it was a very entertaining (heart attack inducing) game. LGR!!


  2. You definitely saw lots of the same things I did Kevin. But what a game!!!! AGHH… I would say we were unlucky with how that all went down on the tying goal but Weber did ring the iron twice. We just can’t make this easy can we?. That was a nice play by Holden to set up the breakout leading to the Nash goal but man that pair was brutal. But anyway all this talk about Price will stop anything he sees should stop now since he’s let in 2 now with full view. He’s not invincible but I would be more concerned about figuring out the Canadians defense which is very good and why they can crash our net and get body’s in front of Hank but the creverse isn’t true. We played hard, physical but we played to win in 3. By overtime we were the gassed team. This business of short shifts in the 3rd at the expense of realistically going for the insurance goal almost paid off but in general is a bad strategy. Weaknesses in our D were exposed this game. Pounding them and maybe wearing them down some is a good thing but they’re still the bigger team and it showed in our own end. A sound strategy moving forward needs to takexthat reality into account. Clogging and fast transitions are key. I’m thinking the Rangers win or lose this series in the neutral zone. LGR


      1. For Easer instead of Chocolate I’m asking the Easter Bunny to bring me a Klein-Staal pairing. IDK if it’s confidence or what but Holden needs a game off. Dan G definitely looked better in game 1 then 2 but at least he’s hitting, holding his position and completing his passes so resting him for a day wouldn’t be the worst option either but get Klein out there. Fresh legs and a gritty player.


  3. Too bad we couldn’t get it done for the 2-0 series lead. I watched the game and it’s much tougher when you live in Europe and the game lasts until 4:30 AM.
    Kevin, i agree with all you said in a recap but i have some thoughts to add.
    First of all, this kind of defence from certain people (Staal in particular) will kill us in this series if they don’t start making better decisions on the ice.
    Kreider in my opinion had a very bad game. He was invisible up front and his stupid giveaway in neutral zone resulted in Montreal’s second goal.
    Zibanejad was also awfull. Man, i miss Brassard… He was clutch in playoff time.
    On the other hand, Montreal also has a lot of holes so they are definitely beatable.
    Let’s hope we can win next game at home and go from there.


      1. I hate to say this, but anyone who thinks Buchnevich should be in this lineup only needs to look at Zibanejad to see the kind of play AV probably expects of Buch in this type of game. Pushed around too easily, not strong enough, no defense. Zinabejad was like a rag-doll in Game 1. All it took was a little shove and he was laying on the ice in a heap. And i wouldn’t expect Buch to fare much better.


  4. Kreider, Lazy Hayzy, Staal, Holden… yikes! I mean really… YIKES!
    AV’s personnel choices, I don…. it’s ju….(heavy sobbing)…. WTFAAAAAAAAAAAA….


  5. As much as I personally like the new “Black & Blue” Rangers, playing too much of that game is playing right into Montreal hands. We are built for speed….play fast. BTW that approach worked for Penguins last year so don’t tell me the “playoffs are different”. Play your own damn game!!!


    1. While they’ve added some snarl, I don’t think they’ve done it at the expense of their speed. They essentially had this game won if they were able to hold on for 17 more seconds.


  6. I thought staal was really good in game 1. Wouldn’t mind seeing the tougher more physical Klein in for game 3 especially the way Montreal is crashing the net.
    Prevent defense for the last 10 min of the 3rd in inexcusable!! Have to keep the play in the other end, forecheck…something!! Not dump and change
    PP is still a killer. We get a PP right after taking the 3-2 lead and create no chances.
    Kreider and Zin have only been noticeable for poor performance, bad penalties, bad angle shots that send puck out to the zone.
    All that being said, Hank is amazing!! While 2 -0 would have been sweet, all we needed was one. Let’s hope we can defend home ice and close it out on the road


      1. It wasn’t just the last 10 minutes bit the whole period. Shifting every 20-30 seconds didn’t allow them to develop any kind of forecheck. You can’t protect a 1 goal lead like that when all it takes is a lucky bounce


    1. Kreider thinks too damn much, and is too worried about taking penalties. When he was hot early in the season he wasn’t thinking, he was playing and his game was hard nosed with the attributes of speed and good hands. We need him to be a physical presence out there, not a cautious player. Can’t somebody in the organization point that out to him?


  7. Oh and Kevin, absolute awesome recaps! It does lighten the mood reading it (again) 🙂
    And I just have had: All the alcohol. Every. Single. Drop. F’n awesome recipe. Threw in some sake as well.


  8. While the officiating was an abomination, with 3 inexcusable non-calls against Montreal, two of which turned into goals, it’s not the main reason we lost. Playing Montreal’s type of game will never work. All the hitting we did only led to us being exhausted in OT. We looked putrid. Sitting on a one goal lead and playing prevent defense half way through the third period is another reason we lost. I can see doing it if you are up by two goals but this strategy has burnt us too many times in the past and our fucknuts coach never learns. Most importantly, If Holden and Staal play even one more game, series is over. Staal has been nothing short of horrific since January and Holden is worse. Which leads to the main reason we lost… AV. He must be fired ASAP and bring in Sutter. How this pathetic excuse for a coach can have the two worst defense men on our team out on the ice in the final seconds is mind boggling. All while our best pair, Smith and Skjei ride the pine. Not to mention we also have better players in Clendening, Klampfer and possibly Klein not even dressing. I swear, it’s as if AV wants us to lose. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least, what with him having started his career in Montreal and being a French Canadian himself. I hate this man more than words can describe. Don’t think we’re coming back from this devastating loss. Gave the Canadians too much hope and momentum from what was one of the most hurtful losses in Rangers recent playoff history.


    1. Couldn’t have said it any better. AV’s personnel decisions
      have been a major part of our failings since he has been here. Also lets not give our #1 center a pass as he has been invisible in the playoffs as usual. It would be nice to have a playmaking #1 or 2 center but we have neither. Zbad and Stepan are both on the milk carton.


      1. Zibanijad has better chemistry with Kreider and Zucc… Step has better chemistry with Nash than his current wingers…UGH, why do I even bother posting the same shit over and over again. If AV was a dog he’d chase the same parked car for his entire existence


      2. While that may be true it doesn’t take away from the fact that Step doesn’t have the skill set of a #1 center. One on one skills us even more important in the playoffs as the defense gets tighter and tighter. Step doesn’t have those dkills and Zbad looks lost out there. Also, coach dumbass continues with his piss poor personnel decisions.


  9. Ah, almost game time. Got alcohol in the house. Heroin and syringe close by. Suicide Prevention hotline’s been notified. Ready for game time. if our top 3 centers show up tonight we’ve got a good chance, if Lindberg is our best center for the 3rd game in a row not so much. Catch you on the flip side. LGR!


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