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Capitals 2, Rangers 0

The New York Rangers (47-27-6) lost to the Washington Capitals (54-18-8) by the score of 2-0. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star – 1st Wild Card is officially official (Yup, can’t wait for the Rangers to open the first round in their House of Horrors, against a team they can’t beat (0-2-1 this season), while facing a goaltender who has their number (15-5-1, 1.82 GAA, .940 sv%, 7 shutouts).

2nd Star – Mets/Braves Extra Inning Game (Spared from being the most boring sporting event on TV because of Rangers/Capitals)

3rd Star – Tired Rangers fans (after staying up late last week with the Rangers on the West Coast, weary Blueshirts fans likely caught up on some sleep while watching tonight’s “game”)

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

If you didn’t fall asleep in the middle of this one, you likely have insomnia and are in desperate need of some ZzzQuil.

Gif of the Game

Nothing summarizes how downright cordial this game was more than the pregame pleasantries between Lundqvist and Ovechkin…

When You Forget It’s Not a Preseason Game

Yes, this game had a preseason feel to it, but you still have to play with your head up…

The Yeti of Effort

According to NHL folklore there was actual effort from the Rangers in tonight’s game. To prove the existance of exertion from the Blueshirts, we at The New York Rangers Blog set up hidden cameras in an effort to catch it in action…

This play by Girardi offers the best hope of possible perspiration secreting from the pores of Rangers players, however, an ill advised 3rd period pinch by the veteran defenseman leading to the back breaking second Capitals goal has me questioning if what we caught on camera was real or just an elaborate hoax.

Dancin’ Klein

Courtesy of @TheBroadwayHat, here’s slow motion video of Kevin Klein attempting to obstruct Alex Ovechkin’s 2nd period power play shot…

Somehow, despite this revolutionary defensive technique, the shot got through Klein, deflected off Justin Williams and past Lundqvist.

Mini Recap

Can’t wait for the next two games. They should really give us some insight into how the Rangers will perform in the playoffs.

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8 thoughts on “Capitals 2, Rangers 0

  1. Ah the wait & NHL scrimmages ….not much but conjecture to play with so….
    My opine on PO lineup & Mont as a match up

    My lines are top 6 : step zucc krieds …….Zbad nash J T

    i think we will stay with these top 2 lines for most of P O’s

    3rd or 4th lines Oscar Fast Grabs…… Glass as well

    Hayes Vesey/Buchny Grabs …Glass here as well

    you have a few combos to use with 3rd & 4th lines

    probable is Glass due to grinding Habs 3rd & 4th liners

    A V is not a coach who relys on rooks but dosnt hesitate to implement

    He wants to use 1 or the other in Vesey /Buchny now… never know
    whos hot or derperation comes & you try anything then both may go …

    D i dont see Klein starting no matter what Staal & he looked like

    like Clendenon & stumpner …we need depth & have it

    Mac & Gman Staal & Holden Shey & Smith ……very solid & healthy
    Best health in years going into P O’s …..

    Goal : ready willing & able….. L G R best shot atta run you could ask for …L G R


  2. They beat the Habs in the House of Horrors in 2014. If they play the same way, with discipline and structure in front of Hank, they can do it again even with Price in net. Price playoff stats (23-27; 2.62gaa; .912sv%) are not the same as Price regular season stats and if Hank holds true to form he will elevate his game. The concern of course is that Henrik’s inconsistency this season will bleed over into the playoffs. Let’s hope that ain’t the case…


    1. Without Price in goal I throw 2014 out the window. Also, Price’s playoff numbers have been much better the last few appearances. Having said that, I think Rangers have legit chance to win series.


      1. I don’t know Kevin. Price gave up 4 goals before Kreids took him out. And Tokarski played very well. I think it should be a good series so long as they take care of the front of the net. If they don’t then we are a quick out and Hank will shoulder all the blame. Oh yeah, and Glass…


      2. Price gave up two before Kreider ran into him and two afterward. Tokarski was good but he’s not Price.


  3. That little hand shake was Ovi telling Hank you know I’m going to score in you… and of course the motherfucker did. That’s why Henry was so pissed. Death, taxes and Ovi scoring on Hank are the 3 things you can always count on in life. Not much of a game other than that. Too bad Buch didn’t use the opportunity to convince AV to play him in the post season. Now that he knows what NHL defense is like perhaps he’ll bulk up in the off-season so that he can utilize those skills more effectively. Anyway I don’t think I’m going to see the last 2 games with work trip coming up but coming back in the playoffs. If we can play like we did early in the year.. simple, north south, quick transition, take the shot if it’s there and all that good hockey 101 stuff we’re fast and skilled and we’ve got a good chance of getting through the 1st round. I don’t see Price being invincible in this series.


  4. Does Hank demand that opposing players look down as they greet him?

    Agree that it was a crappy game. Could have been worse. Coulda been closer too. I think the power play goal was BS. IIRC, and I probably don’t, B Smith got control of the puck along the boards and the Caps player stuck his stick in on Smith in a place the rules prohibit. So, either Smith needed to lift his arms, and hence his stick, and let the other guy loose to steal the puck or take a penalty. Crappy rule, if so. There is no way the stick won’t get stuck as your arms aren’t out away from the body when stick handling. If you are handling the puck and a guy essentially hooks you, Smith never took his hands off of his stick to grab the Caps player’s stick, you shouldn’t have to make concessions – ok, maybe cotton candy would be nice – to let it go.


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