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Citi Field to Host Rangers vs. Sabres Winter Classic in 2018

According to Newsday, the Metro Area will be getting its first Winter Classic as Citi Field is close to being named the next site of the NHL’s biggest showcase event.

And your New York Rangers will be a part of it as they will faceoff against the Buffalo Sabres.

The Blueshirts will have to be the “road team” as their contract with Madison Square Garden prevents them from receiving income as the home team at any other venue.

The Rangers last participated in the Winter Classic back in 2012 when they visited Citizen Park Park in Philadelphia to take on the Flyers.

Wait, no Blackhawks, Red Wings, Penguins or Capitals? I don’t understand.

While I’m at a fever pitch over this announcement and everything that comes along with the Rangers playing in the Winter Classic at the home field of my favorite baseball team, especially the alumni game, but I’ve got to admit I’m a little disappointed with the matchup. I mean, the Sabres? After the Stadium Series games against the Islanders & Devils, I assume the NHL didn’t want a re-run, but give me a game with some intrigue. How about an Original Six matchup against the Canadiens or Bruins? Or a 2014 Stanley Cup rematch vs. the Kings? While it would be strange to have a non-New York team considered the “home team,” the matchup would be much more appealing than one against Buffalo. Only Bettman could screw this up.

I will say this, if we get half as good a game as the last time the Rangers were in the Winter Classic we’re in for a treat.

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10 thoughts on “Citi Field to Host Rangers vs. Sabres Winter Classic in 2018

  1. IDies it have to be a NY state team if the Garden minions disallow us from being the home team? In which case you’d think the Islanders would be the choice… anyway Buffalo looks to be up and coming.


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