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Cooke Gets Rest of Regular Season, 1st Round of Playoffs

As I’m sure you’ve already heard Matt Cooke received his sentence from the NHL this evening for his head shot on Ryan McDonagh last night.

To me, the decision to suspend him the rest of the regular season (10 games) and the first round of the playoffs seems more than fair for this repeat offender.

As I gave credit to Pens coach Dan Bylsma for his comments on the incident last night, I again have to compliment the Pens after General Manager Ray Shero released this statement after the suspension announcement…

“The suspension is warranted because that’s exactly the kind of hit we’re trying to get out of the game. Head shots have no place in hockey. We’ve told Matt in no uncertain terms that this kind of action on the ice is unacceptable and cannot happen. Head shots must be dealt with severely, and the Pittsburgh Penguins support the NHL in sending this very strong message.”

Earlier in the day, Pens owner Mario Lemieux, who had some serious egg on his face last night due to his recent attack on the NHL for not cracking down on head shots, had a conversation with Cooke that he better change his ways or he will be gone.

If you ask me I think Cooke also deserves another one of these…

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