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Devils 3, Rangers 2, OT

The New York Rangers (45-24-4) lost to the New Jersey Devils (27-33-12) by the score of 3-2 in overtime. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star – The Rangers/Devils Rivalry (Most hatred in this once great rivalry in years)

2nd Star – Rangers Grip on 1st Wild Card (Points but not too many points)

3rd Star – Newark Economy (Rangers in town means fans finally going to the The Rock and actual commerce taking place at Newark businesses)

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

What a treat for us old school hockey fans getting to see a semi-line brawl. In honor of the rare fisticuffs let’s enjoy a Planter’s Punch.

Gif of the Game

No idea how neither Zuccarello nor Hall were injured in this collision…

You Can’t Miss The Net In OT

When you’re  playing 3-on-3, it’s never a good idea to miss the net because this is what happens…

I know Grabner was gassed, but I’m beyond disappointed in his effort to get back. Not even a token dive at the end for the appearance of hustling.

No Luck

If Derek Stepan didn’t have bad luck, he’d have no luck at all…

Whenever the camera is on Stepan I just want to give him a hug.

When Stepan broke that 23-game scoreless streak last week, I figured he’d start scoring in bunches, but somehow his luck has gotten worse.

Old Time Hockey

Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!! Actual hatred back in the Rangers/Devils rivalry. Damn, I forget how much I missed this.

That was a big boy pants game that had the nastiness and feel of a 1990s playoff contest and I was genuinely impressed with the Rangers ability to fight back against a physical Devils team whose obvious game plan was to bully the Blueshirts.

While the Rangers didn’t come out on top on the scoreboard, I have a sneaking suspicion that there was a lot of good vibes going around the Rangers locker room after this one.

Can you say Tanner Glass Effect?

No Look

Pavel Buchnevich with a no look, backhand dish that would make Jason Kidd blush…

Mini Recap

I refuse to get too upset over a game that had as much emotion, passion and chippiness as that one did. Tonight is everything I wish the NHL still was. Oh yeah, and if it wasn’t for Schneider, the Rangers easily walk away with two points instead of one. Again, hard to complain.

Bizarro specialty teams for the Rangers these days as the power play (goals in 4 of the last 6 games) is making up for the deficiencies on the penalty kill (goal allowed in 7 straight). When was the last time a Blueshirts fan could say that?

Love Vesey’s scrappiness. Despite not being a big guy, similar to Zuccarello, he refuses to back down when challenged.

You’d expect a player of Hayes’ stature to be more of a plodding player, but he is so God damn smooth out there. His little entry pass to Nash on the power play goal was so sweet.

When Adam Clendening was on the ice at even strength tonight the Rangers had 21 shot attempts for and just FIVE against. Good things happen when this guy is on the ice. Especially when paired with Skjei. It’s a shame he’s automatically the defenseman out when the blueline is healthy.

With Rangers fans once again outnumbering Devils fans at the Rock does tonight count as another loss on home ice?

If you thought tonight had a playoff feel to it, just wait till tomorrow vs. an Islanders team fighting for their playoff lives. Should be fun.

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12 thoughts on “Devils 3, Rangers 2, OT

  1. It always sucks a fatty when we lose to the Devils but especially when the Devils are last in the conference. We should’ve smoked them but Rangers…

    And now the verkakte Islanders come to MSG and most definitely will play better than we will tonight. Doesn’t mean they’ll win but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Rangers just go through the motions tonight.

    And how about that kid line?


  2. I’m glad this kinda game happened tonight because the Devils are out of contention and you KNOW the Isles are going to play like it’s game 7 of the SCF – they always play against our boys like that anyway and as earlier stated, they are literally playing for their lives. Tonight will be one hell of a game. Great blog as always Kevin. I personally wonder what John Moore and Buch could have POSSIBLY been talking about in that scrum


      1. ohhh yeah….so pretty dumb of Wood to start that without thinking about potential collateral damage, also because of the hole he put his team in.


  3. Kevin, you’re right not to get upset at the results. Its the NHL’s fault with this dumb playoff system. These are the exact players we should be seeing in the playoffs, though (forward combos still need a little tweaking).

    Played well, couldn’t finish. Unless you were sitting next to a Devils fan or have to interact with a Devils fan today you should be fine.

    AV will now completely change the lineup for today and I will cry.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes, like the effort and no backing down. It’s funny when talking about the penalty kill slide how Fast and a few other injured players were mentioned but no mention anywhere of Dan G from anyone who gets lots of penalty kill minutes.. who went down right as the penalty kill slide began. Coincidence? I think not… the man we love to hate. Though agree it’s a shame to see Clendening get shelved. Last 2 games he’s looked good, and gritty last night. Is McD hiding an injury??? Just not looking too good lately. When do lines get changed again? Chemistry off except for kids line. Bring Miller back where he belongs, switch Step and Zib and Fast to kids line then bring Vesey (or Buch) back up to Step/Nash. I know it breaks up the kids but Fast has good chemistry with Lindberg and I’d rather see chemistry on 4 lines, or even 3 rather than just 1.


  5. The magic number is 5.
    If the leafs win 7 games, (to our none) then they bring us down to 8th, but that’s still playoff territory.
    The islanders need 3 points or 2 wins to kick the leafs out of the 8th and 8 wins (to our none) to kick us to 8th
    If the rangers win 3 games, the leafs and the islanders (and by extension, the bolts et al.) will need 10 and 11 wins respectively, which is more games than they have left.
    This doesn’t count for tie breakers, in which the rangers beat both, so technically we need 5 points. Just 5 more till we’re back.


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