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Did Prust Embellish Staal Punch? (Updated)

Update, 11:52 p.m.:
Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants has this quote from Prust on the incident…

“It was kind of surprising, it happened quick, he caught me on the sweet spot, i got my bell run,” said Prust, who sat out the rest of the second period but played in the third. “It was just more the surprise. I told Rammer (trainer Jim Ramsey) I was ready to go. They checked me over. I think it was all a reaction (by Jordan Staal). I came in and hit a guy (Tyler Kennedy) and he came in and stuck up for him. He threw a punch. I agree with the call (a five-minute match penalty for intent to injure and a game misconduct). Stuff happens on the ice. I’m happy he did, we got a five-minute penalty. Thank you.”

Original Post:
Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy has the fallout from Jordan Staal’s sucker punch to Brandon Prust that earned the Penguins center a five minute major and a match penalty (automatic one game suspension)…

The reactions have been heavily slanted against Prust here. Seth Rorabaugh of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette wrote: “Brandon Prust looked like Glass Joe after taking that punch from Staal. Nice sell job.”

Wyshynski, a Devils fan, adds that he hoped the NHL does the right thing and rescinds any further punishment for Staal.

Dave Lozo of NHL.com reports Prust said after the game that Staal really did drop him with that punch which caught him on the button when he wasn’t expecting it.

Here’s video…

…here comes the national media in defense of the precious Penguins. If any of them actually followed the Rangers they would know Prust is the toughest guy on the team who constantly fights opponents much bigger than him and has not once ever embellished or taken a dive on any play as a Ranger.

…what do you think?

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