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Did Dolan Jinx the Rangers?

After last night’s 3-0 win against the Predators, Rangers team owner James Dolan surprised everyone by speaking to the media for the first time since 2003 and said this (via Andrew Gross)…

“This is very spur of the moment,” Mr. Dolan said. “We were just in the coach’s office. I’ll answer the questions – chill (this was to Tortorella, who was prodding Mr. Dolan to provide an answer). JR (Rangers VP of Media/Player recruitment John Rosasco) came in and said the media’s ready, can you do the media for me? So I said yes, so I’m here. I really wasn’t planning on doing anything. But I will give an answer to you. The answer is I’m very proud of the organization. I’m particularly proud of Mr. Sather. Because all the way back to 2004, when things weren’t going so well and we had a lot of free agents in here and we decided to basically redo the strategy. Glen and I made a pact, I actually gave him something which I won’t reveal what it is. I said you can’t give it back to me until we win the Stanley Cup. And I think I’m pretty close to getting that thing back. To me, it’s all about the system he built. Of course, great coaching, but it’s about the farm system, the scouting system, the development and going with the kids and sticking with that philosophy even when, at times, it didn’t look so good. So I’m very proud of him and very proud of the organization.

“I don’t think Glen wanted to tell me anything about John,” Mr. Dolan added.

To which a very surprised John Tortorella responded…

“I’m just as shocked as you guys are,” Tortorella said when Mr. Dolan left the room before adding later, “We just have to go about our business. I’ve got an owner up here talking about a Stanley Cup. that’s a bunch of bullshit. We need to take one day at a time.”

…i’m just as guilty as anyone for over-criticizing an owner who’s done nothing but open up his check book for every player he’s been told the team needs. But he cannot, under any circumstance, show up out of no where and start talking Stanley Cup. If the Rangers tank we can all look back to this moment as the reason why. Oh yeah, get the Rangers back on Time Warner!!!!

…and by Torts’ reaction you can tell he wasn’t happy either.

Pic from @thenyrangers.

For video of Dolan’s post game comments, click the “Read More” tab below.

Dolan post game…

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H/T to reader Mike J. for video.

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