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Eminger Not Full of Confidence

Andrew Gross at Rangers Rants says Steve Eminger is suffering from a confidence issue after sitting six of the last seven games…

“You don’t feel full of confidence,” Eminger said of returning to the lineup. “You get it going with it as you play.”

…for as good as Torts was earlier this year, he has really bungled the fifth and sixth defensive spots recently. I understand that Del Zotto, Gilroy and Eminger have all been struggling lately, but the way he’s been dealing with it leaves a lot to be desired.

…Del Zotto’s head is probably spinning from the lack of a consistant message he’s hearing on his role and now Eminger, who was a pleasant surprise this season, admits that he is losing confidence.

…i would love to know what happened in Torts’ mind to switch philosophy on Del Zotto. I had no problem with the Rangers sending him down to the Whale to work on his game and was fine with the Rangers recalling him due to Girardi’s injury. But the entire time he was back up Torts was telling anyone who would listen that Del Zotto wasn’t ready and it wasn’t ideal that they needed to recall him. Then all of a sudden after the All Star break Torts had a change of heart and now Del Zotto is being developed at the NHL level with Eminger relegated to the press box. Which isn’t working for either one of them and the Rangers are struggling because of it.

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