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Flyers 4, Rangers 1

The New York Rangers (20-14-1) lost to the Philadelphia Flyers (22-7-5) by the score of 4-1, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and newyorkrangers.com.

…sorry for the late recap but Saturday afternoon games are not conducive to the schedule of a father of two.

…i think the Flyers showed us that despite the great run, the Rangers have some issues.

…and the biggest is Gaborik. Big time players are supposed to come up big in the big game. Gaborik has been missing far too often in those games.

…Stepan is living up to his repution of clutch. Big goal against Coyotes then at the time he has a big one again today.

…while the stats may suggest otherwise, the Rangers power play has been tough to watch lately. Way too many offsides and icings.

…maybe Del Zotto should spend more time working on his defense than tweeting about what he’s eating for breakfast. Anyone else want to tell me he shouldn’t sit again.

…thought Weise had an active NHL debut with a fight, a waived off goal and another shot off the post.

…not happy to see our old enigmatic Russian forward playing better than our current enigmatic Russian forward.

…what no Dubinsky/Richards fight? What’s going on around here?

…hate when the Rangers waste an awesome effort from Lundqvist.

…having said all that, I know the Rangers can’t win them all and I’m still beyond excited about this team.

…lots of rest as the Rangers don’t play again until Thursday against the Lightning.

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