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Frolov Unhappy with Ice Time

Laurie Carr over at Beyond the Blueshirts posts an Alex Frolov interview with a Russian media outlet discussing a private meeting he had with John Tortorella on his unhappiness with his lack of ice time…

“It’s absolutely unacceptable to me that that I spend 7-8 minutes a game on the ice, especially on an energy line. It’s just not my game, which I told the coach candidly. But there are no personal problems between me and him. I’m not a quarrelsome person. Even in our recent conversation there was no swearing or raised voices. Nobody blamed anyone, we simply discussed the situation. The coach promised that soon everything will change, I just need to be a little patient and work harder in practice.”

Frolov adds that if his ice time doesn’t increase he might think about asking for a trade.

…is AFro (aka King of the Wraparound) kidding me? He should be cut immediately after those comments. Is he’ living in a fantasy world? You have to earn your ice time with Tortorella and right now he is not earning it. How about taking a look in the mirror?

…can’t imagine his ice time is going increase once Torts gets word about this interview.

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