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Gabby Gets a Little Confused During All Star Draft

Similar to last season, the NHL All Star Draft was highly entertaining and filled with suspense as we waited to see who would get Kessel’d this year. But the obvious highlight was Marian Gaborik mistakenly walking over to Team Alfredsson after being chosen by Team Chara. With the grin he shined afterward (see above pic), I wouldn’t be surprised if he did that on purpose. Or was just drunk. See video here.

Gaborik took to Twitter after the draft to explain himself…

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Wanted to make the draft more interesting,so I walked to the other side:)))#allstardraft
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Was actually shocked to see the Rangers sniper last so long, but Lundqvist did mention after the draft that he was giving Chara the chance to draft his fellow countryman and that Gaborik said wanted to shoot against him which was the likely reason for the snub. Gaborik is the only Ranger on Team Chara, as Lundqvist, Girardi, Hagelin and even Tortorella are all representing Team Alfredsson.

Here’s Gaborik on the Lundqvist diss (via Blueshirts United)…

“Hank knows I own him,” laughed Gaborik after the draft. “It was just a lot of fun between me and him. It’s all in fun. We are all really proud to represent the Rangers this weekend.”

Lundqvist & Gaborik had some playful banter after the draft which you can watch here…

For more of my thoughts on the NHL All Star Draft, click the “Read More” tab below.

Lundqvist also explained why he left Gaborik hanging on SportsCenter after the draft…


Thought it was a great job by host James Duthie pointing out that this was the first time Dan Girardi has gotten to pull a jersey over his head during a draft and that he is the only 2012 All Star not to be drafted into the NHL. Was followed by a nice round of applause.

Speaking of Girardi, he will be blogging his thoughts & exp
eriences during All Star weekend over at NHL.com which you can follow here.

Big time blunder by the camera crew focusing in on the incorrect player when the Team Alfredsson rookies were announced. I had to do a double take when Duthie introduced Carl Hagelin and the camera pointed at Nashville’s Craig Smith.

Finally, how hot is Henrik Lundqvist?

I’ve seen a lot of people liking Team Chara, but I think Team Alfredsson takes both the Skills Competition and All Star game.

For full rosters, click here.

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