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Gaborik: We Have to Score Dirtier Goals

Chris Botta at Slap Shot has this quote from Marian Gabork on what the Rangers need to do to break out of their scoring slump…

“We have to drive more to the net. We have to take more shots, even if they are from bad angles. We have to do whatever we can to create scoring opportunities. We have to score dirtier goals.”

…while it was nice to see the Rangers score more than one goal yesterday they’re still not practicing what Gaborik is preaching. You rarely ever see a Rangers player drive to the net. Conversely, Rangers opponents have been driving to the net with wreckless abandon lately with the results being Hank run on almost a gamely basis.

…i like what Gaborik is saying here as it shows the team knows what it needs to do, but talk is cheap and it’s time to walk the walk.

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