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Gorton May Be Sather’s Replacement

Jess Rubenstein of The Prospect Park warns us not to be so hasty to turn over the Ranges GM reins (if Sather ever retires) to Mark Messier just yet as there is another more than qualified individual in the Blueshirts front office. That would be Assistant General Manager Jeff Gorton..

“Gorton’s hard work allows the Rangers to once again show off their “core foundation” as homegrown and one really should not just dismiss that so easily. Yes Richards and Gaborik will remain the stars but the Rangers are turning the leadership of this franchise to a new generation.

And Gorton’s promotion to Assistant General Manager puts a wild card into play for when Glen Sather retires.”

Rubenstein adds that Gorton, 42, has 19 years of front office experience including seven years as an AGM with Boston where he, as Interim GM in 2006 at the age of 36, ran the Bruins draft that netted Phil Kessel, Milan Lucic, and Brad Marchand as well as making the infamous Rask for Raycroft deal.

…i said the other day that I didn’t think bringing in a green Messier would be the best thing for the Rangers organization and I’m sticking to it. Gorton understands and has been executing the Rangers philosophy for the past couple of years and has the experience to be a great GM for the Rangers down the road.

…now let’s hope Sather steps aside sooner rather than later.

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