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Guest Blogger #16: Trying to go inside Glen Sather’s head

By Andrew W.

Well I’m no expert, no talent evaluator, I’m just a fan, but, I am going to attempt to go inside of Glen Sather’s head, and imagine what he was thinking when handing out some contracts that are questionable to say the least. This is written in the first person as if Glen is thinking.

Bobby Holik 2002-
Well this is a guy I’ve seen numerous times in the last 10 seasons playing for the Devils. Again an intimidating tough guy, he’s got great physical force. He’ll definitely bring some much needed toughness to this team. Also, I really like his offensive potential, he has gotten close to 30 goals twice and has capped 60 points a few times, I think he can step in right on the first line for us, and he will perform. He’s a great leader and I really like what he brings to the table. He’s the prime free agent this year, and I know Toronto and New Jersey really want him too, but once again I want him, so I’ll make sure I get him….how about 5 years $45 million.

Darius Kasparaitis 2002-
Well I’ve seen a lot of this guy on the Islanders and Penguins, and I mean he was kind of annoying to play against, throwing the body around and he’s not afraid to drop the gloves. He can maybe chip in a few points, and I mean this guy was a first round pick, number five overall, there has to be something special about him to go that high, maybe he’ll have a breakout year offensively for us. Even if he doesn’t, he’ll still be a solid defender for us, and strike some fear into the opponents. Of course I can’t let my reputation of getting whoever I want in free agency to be destroyed and Toronto really wants this guy too, so I should go with something that won’t be topped…lets go 6 years $25 million.

Chris Drury 2006-
This guy is a winner. ’nuff said. I mean I can’t pass up a guy that is so clutch, look what he did in the playoffs vs us. I can’t let a guy like that have a chance to do that again. This guy’s a great leader, maybe even future captain if Jags leaves. Speaking of Jags, maybe these two guys can develop some chemistry, that’d be nice. He’s also is a local guy, I mean he grew up a Ranger fan, I gotta do him a favor. Also, he tells me he plans on opening up a pizza joint in a few years, and man do I love pizza, if I can get a discount there that makes this deal worth it in itself. If I can’t sign Gomez, I gotta get one solid center, so I gotta give a good bid, and if I get both of them, that’d be great…..I think 5 years $37.25 million sounds good.

Scott Gomez 2006-
I really like these guys who’ve played for local teams. I’ve seen a lot of them and I can stick it to the other GM’s when they sign with me. This guy truly is an elite playmaker. I mean I see how he plays with Gionta, and I think he can do exactly the same, if not more with Jagr. I think both of their point totals will skyrocket. I love how he can carry the puck end to end so easily and really seems smooth out on the ice. I think this guy is and will continue to be one of the elite centers in the league, so I should pay him like one, I really want a number one center now and for years to come….7 years $51.5 million should get it done.

Michal Rozsival 2007-
I really like Rozi, he’s been here for a few years now and I mean this guy is a true number one defenseman. He puts up the points back there on D, and really is great on the powerplay. I think if I can get him and Wade Redden together here in NY we’d have in my opinion the best offensive d-pair in the game. I can’t wait to see how great our power play is with those two. Rozi is a veteran guy, he knows what he’s doing out there I want him to mentor some of our young D guys coming up through the system…. I don’t want this guy to slip out of our hands, so 4 years $20 million should be good to keep him here.

Wade Redden 2007-
This guy, wow, I mean he is one of the best passers in the game, him feeding Gomez and Dru from the D zone will be great. Not to mention how awesome our powerplay will be with him and Rozi on the points. I know he had a down year in Ottawa last year, but he’s gunna really benefit from the change of scenery and I think he’ll love it here in New York. I think his point totals will reach 40-50-maybe even 60 points per season, he truly is one of the best offensive defenders in the game. This guy also has experience, so he can really help out our young guys. He can jump in on the rush and help get us going with a fast paced game. I have to make sure I can get him and Rozi together, and how often does a puck moving defenseman of this caliber pop on the market?…I have to get him to come here, 6 years $39 million should be just enough to bring him into NY!

Brad Richards 2011-
Well, this is the time for our team, Gabby is in his prime, but needs a center, Lundqvist is in his prime, we have our core group of Dubi, Cally, Staal, and a bunch of other solid players, we just need someone to put us over the top. Brad is that guy, I mean I have seen what this guy can do, especially with Torts. He is an experienced veteran and will put up a lot of points. He believes in Torts’ system and him and Gabby together will be something special. The opportunity to sign a guy like this does not come very often, I have to get this done. Toronto wants him and I can’t let Toronto beat me out, LA Tampa Calgary and Buffalo are also showing some interest, so I really have to make a strong bid…I know Brad will love it here, but to ensure he gets here and doesn’t get better money somewhere else I’m going big…9 years $60 million, that’s something that Brad will not be able to resist.

My input:

Well the first 6 deals didn’t work out so well, I know we all hope the 7th works out a lot better and Brad helps bring the cup back to New York!

Point totals found on hockeyDB, contract details on capgeek and other info on Yahoo Sports.

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