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Guest Blogger #5: Who’s better Henrik Or Marty?

By KingBadaBing

Let me start off by saying this. No one will ever catch Marty’s win totals or shut out records. He is uncatchable. His Games Played and Minutes are also NHL Records. He has played more than 70 games 12 times in his career.

That alone blows every goalie out of the water in the NHL. The guy in second place with wins? Patrick Roy, he’s never played 70 games in a season in his entire NHL Career. Not once. Now one can infer one of these things. Roy couldn’t have handled that kind of workload. There was no reason for Roy to play that many games if his backups were good enough to keep his team in those games.

Let me allude to baseball and football for a minute here. Cy Young (the man that is most comparable to Marty Brodeur) is the all time win leader with 511 wins. He also has 316 losses. Most pitchers never even get to 300 wins but thats a baseball discussion. Brett Favre (Again very comparable to Marty) has the most TD’s of any quarterback ever. He also has the most Interceptions for a quarterback ever. He also has the most passing attempts ever.

The point I am trying to make is no goalies in hockey have ever even come close to Marty’s games played. He tied Patrick Roy’s win record in his 986th game when it took Roy 1029 games to get there.
But enough about Roy VS Brodeur that argument is for another time as Devils and Rangers only care about Henrik vs Martin now.

Ranger fans point out that Henrik is the only goalie in NHL history to have 30 wins in his first 6 seasons in the NHL. Sorry fellow Ranger fans but this argument can’t really be used as most goaltenders didn’t get their starting jobs in their fist year as netminders. Hell, Dominik Hasek (Who I think is top 3 goalies ever) didn’t become a full time starter until he was 30. You have to get a little lucky in who your team comes out to be when you are drafted which I think Brodeur really hit the jackpot with.

Brodeur was drafted by a very defensive minded team who really don’t allow many shots on goal which goes in to factoring goalies numbers. Since I don’t want to skew any numbers based on games played and with age of the goalies I took a season when both goalies played exactly the same number of games. I took Marty’s 97′-98′ season and Henrik’s 06′-07′ season. Marty had 6 more wins than Henrik with 43 against Henrik’s 37. Marty allowed 130 goals against Henrik’s 160. Now before everyone clearly says Marty wins the argument, here comes the most astonishing difference: the less number of shots Marty faced than Henrik.

Marty was shot on 1,569 times, while Henrik was shot on 1,927 times. Now logical thinking would say if Henrik was shot on less times he would have allowed less goals. Logical thinking would also say if Marty was shot on more times he would have allowed more goals. Henrik allowed a goal every 12.04 shots that season, while Marty allowed a goal every 12.06 shots. In conclusion, taking that into account if Henrik faced the same number of shots as Marty he would have finished with the same number of goals allowed as Marty. This is where the number of quality scoring chances would come in nicely to see who got the worst of the shots on goal but I can’t find such a statistic.

After doing this research I concluded that you can’t compare goalies based on stats. One must think theoretically when thinking about goalies. You have to take into effect post lockout, goalie equipment changes, rule changes, the trapezoid, etc, etc.

You have to compare goalies theoretically. If someone says who’s better Brodeur or Roy, one must take into account the amount of games played. You have to say, if Roy played as many games as Marty, would he have similar or better stats? Comparing Marty to Henrik is tough for Devils and Rangers fans.

We would only know if Henrik would have similar or better stats than Marty is if Henrik was in exactly Marty’s shoes playing in the exact time period on that exact Devils team. So in the end, no one would be wrong saying either way who’s better because you can only speculate if Henrik could have put up better numbers than Marty in Marty’s situation. Although I definitely think Henrik would have put up better numbers if he was on those Devil teams.