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Hank Snubbed Again

First the Vezina, now the Hart. NHL.com announced today that Corey Perry of the Anaheim Ducks, Daniel Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks and Martin St. Louis of the Tampa Bay Lightning were named as Hart Trophy Finalists.

Here is how the NHL describes the award…

“Everyone has his own definition of what constitutes “most valuable.” It may not always be the player who scored the most goals or recorded the greatest number of points, but in the case of this year’s nominees for the Hart Trophy, the National Hockey League’s MVP award, it’s hard to argue what they meant to their respective clubs.”

…i’m sorry not one of those three meant more to their team than Hank did to the Rangers. Period.

…all three of the those teams are in the playoffs without the nominees, while the Rangers are fighting to stay out of last place without Lundqvist.

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