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In Case of Emergency, Winter Classic Would Be Moved Back a Day

According to Dave Isaac at Philadelphia Sports Daily says if there is a weather issue on January 2nd for the Winter Classic, which at this point is not expected, the game will be pushed back a whole day, not just ’til night…

“I’m not sure on the NBC side if there’s a margin not to move the game back,” said NHL Executive Vice President of Marketing Brian Jennings. “We would look at possible movement to the next day possibly, but I don’t believe that will be necessary based on everything that we’re seeing on the forecast.”

…always smart to have a contingency plan, but it looks like it won’t be necessary

…h/t to Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy.

Meanwhile, Schuyler Baehman at NHL.com shares this pic of Citizens Bank Ballpark which shows the center ice logo and lines have been placed on the ice…

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