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Interviewed By The Enemy

In prep for tonight’s Rangers vs. Bruins game, I was interviewed by Sarah Connors over at Bloguin’s Bruins blog Something’s Bruin. Here is the interview…

SB: Coming off that big win Monday night over Pittsburgh – who’s got the most momentum on your team? Up here in Boston the big focus is on the Rangers using that to their advantage, so who would be the players to keep an eye on?
KD: No doubt it’s Brandon Dubinsky. Rangers fans have been waiting for this kid to breakout and this year he has. He’s scoring, playing well defensively and had the primary assist on both the game tying and winning goals against the Penguins Monday night.

SB: What’s the biggest gripe NYR fans have with their team right now?
KD: That Glen Sather is the GM.

SB: On the flip side of that, what are NYR fans happiest with?
KD: The fans are ecstatic that the organization has finally committed itself to developing it’s youth. The best part of the win Monday night was all five players on the ice during the game winner in OT were developed in the Rangers system (Callahan, Dubinsky, Staal, Girardi and Lundqvist).

SB: Who on the Bruins do NYR fans hate the most? Is there any player of ours that you guys grudgingly respect? (Or – are we really even on NYR fans’ radar, or do they reserve the majority of their hate for other teams?)
KD: We hate Mike Milbury the most. I mean the guy jumped into the MSG stands and started beating a Rangers fan with his own shoe. Obviously, back in the day Rangers vs. Bruins was a huge rivalry, not so much anymore, so unless you’re an older fan we really don’t have much hatred towards the Bruins. I think Rangers fans do have a ton of respect for Chara and his bomb of a shot.

SB: Did Dubinsky react to the fact that he broke Johnny Boychuk’s wrist at all? Are the Rangers prepared to defend themselves against a team seeking revenge? (This probably will not happen, but it’s nice to think about anyways.)
KD: Haven’t heard a thing about it from Dubinsky or the Rangers. I don’t even remember it happening. Don’t think the Rangers are focusing on the Bruins seeking revenge just two points in the standings.

SB: Makes sense. So also – Brian Boyle and Matt Gilroy are really hard to cheer against. This isn’t really a question. It’s always nice to see New England guys doing well in the NHL. I guess – what do you guys think of those two in particular? How are they doing this season?
KD: Brian Boyle has been a revelation this season. He has never broken four goals in any season and he already has eight so far. This coming from a guy most fans, myself included, thought was going to start the season in the AHL.
As far as Gilroy goes, in my opinion the Rangers have messed with his head a bit. They sat him during the stretch run at the end of last season, then after preparing all summer for camp he begin this season back in the press box. There were many reports that he had lost confidence. However, recently Rangers defenseman Michal Rozsival went down with an injury and Gilroy has been given another shot and is making the most of it. Monday night against the Pens he had his best game in over a year. Many still think he will be traded at some point this season.

SB: Shawn Thornton is our write-in campaign for the All Star Game. Do NYR fans want anyone on the ballot that isn’t listed?
KD: It’s funny you ask that. I just started a Sean Avery write-in campaign today.

SB: Fantastic. I can’t help but imagine Biznasty and Avery both being at the ASG this year… anyways. With this whole refereeing fiasco involving Colin Campbell, predict a terrible call that will happen tomorrow.
KD: Misconduct and suspension to Sean Avery for looking at Tim Thomas the wrong way. While Callahan will be boarded by Lucic and nothing is called.

SB: What is Henrik Lundqvist’s deal? I mean, he’s well-dressed, awesome in nets, has a dazzling smile and is good friends with Tim Thomas – does the man have any weaknesses whatsoever?
KD: Yes, his non-willingness to call me up to join him for a night out on the town.

SB: And finally – what’s your prediction for the score? Who will get the three stars, and why/how will they get them?
KD: Rangers win 1-0 in OT. 1st Star – Lundqvist for shutout, 2nd Star – Marian Gaborik for game winner, 3rd Star – Sean Avery for goading Chara into a penalty in OT leading to the game winner.