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Is Rangers Shot Blocking Mentality a Mistake?

In a column at the New York Post, Larry Brooks wonders if the Rangers shot blocking mentality is really worth it…

“There is, though, statistical evidence that a huge total of blocked shots is not endemic to success, for three of the five team leaders in that category — with the Islanders first — are out of the playoffs while Presidents’ Trophy winner Vancouver is 25th overall in that category and the gold-standard Red Wings rank 29th.

The Blackhawks were 17th last year before winning the Cup. The Red Wings were 30th. And the Panthers, Islanders and Oilers — three of the league’s worst teams, ranked 1-2-4, respectively.”

…i understand what Brooks is trying to say here, but not every time is as talented at the Canucks and Red Wings. The Rangers need to do the little things like shot blocking and hits to win games.

…what do you guys think. Is the shot blocking mentality that has been so successful for the Rangers worth all the injuries especially when it happens to a key player such as Callahan?

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