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Islanders 3, Rangers 2

The New York Rangers (45-25-4) lost to the New York Islanders (34-26-12) by the score of 3-2 in overtime. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star – Current Playoff Format (Made back-to-back losses to bitter rivals meaningless)

2nd Star – New York Hockey (It’s always better when both teams are in the playoffs, hopefully the two points help the Islanders get in)

3rd Star – Rangers fans who attended the Feb. 19th home game (aka the last time the Rangers were victorious on home ice)

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

What a disaster the move to Brooklyn has been for the Islanders. Let’s all have a Long Island Iced Tea in hopes they return, apparently with Dolan’s help, to Long Island.

Hit the Net!!!!!

Last night, the Rangers took a whopping 71 shot attempts. Unfortunately, a mere 36 made their way on net. So they missed the net almost as many times as they hit it. That’s not very good.

Here’s a few lowlights…

Beyond missing the net on their opportunities, too few of the shots that actually find their way on net are of the rebound variety or with traffic in front. This has been a problem the last two seasons and needs to be rectified before the postseason begins because that’s when ugly goals rule.

Tanner Glass Watch

A big hit, a fight and a clap to pump up the crowd. I think I like it.

I love the reaction afterward…

Look, when the Rangers fall one goal short it’s easy to blame the decision to play Glass over Buchnevich. But with the Rangers generating 71 shot attempts, finding offense wasn’t the problem, the offensive players in the lineup not finishing was.

This decision was also nothing more than AV making sure he had some muscle in the line-up against a team who has historically been physical against the Rangers. I wouldn’t get too worked up over it.

Send It In Rick!

Whenever Rick Nash takes it to the hole and scores like this…

I can’t help but think of this call from the great Bill Raftery…

Tough Night for Skjei

It hasn’t happened often this season, but Brady Skjei had an off night, as he’s caught puck watching on the Islanders first goal…

He also made this brutal turnover in the third period that led to a penalty and the Islanders ultimately tying the game on the ensuing power play…

Now, Skjei also had a 60% 5-on-5 CF% so it wasn’t all bad, but some rare growing pains for the rookie defenseman.

Mini Recap

The penalty kill has officially relapsed into last season’s struggles. Somehow, despite getting Fast, Grabner and Nash back, the penalty kill has gotten worse the last few weeks. Could it be? No, it can’t. Maybe just maybe, the penalty kill misses….Dan Girardi.

When passing while upright has become mundane…

After the kid line was put together against the Wild, I mentioned that I’d like to see that lineup in Game 1 of postseason, but if AV isn’t going to feel comfortable with two rookies on a line going into the playoffs, it might be time to drop Grabner to what was originally supposed to be the fourth line along with Fast and Lindberg. Along with Grabner’s scoring drying up (1 goal in his last 15 games) it also drops Fast back to the 4th line (where he should be) and bumps both Vesey & Buchnevich up in the Top 9 (where they should be).

Losing to the Devils and Islanders back-to-back is beyond frustrating, but let’s be sure to keep things in perspective. These losses mean nothing (especially with Lundqvist out of the lineup) other than having a better chance of clinching the first Wild Card and an easier path to the Eastern Conference Final.

Thankfully the Rangers are getting away from MSG and heading out west for a game vs. the Kings on Saturday.

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10 thoughts on “Islanders 3, Rangers 2

  1. yeah, have we given these line combos enough of a chance yet. Averaging what? 1-2 even strength goals for these combos? My ideas ( reunite Miller to Hayes line, switch Step and Zib, and bring Vesey (or Buch) up with Nash and Step) may not be the answer but we’ll need more from our forwards who are supposedly our strength if we’re going anywhere this spring. Other than that we didn’t play a bad game and ran into hot goaltending. D has looked better, especially on penalty killl before Dan went down. Obviously not perfect but his game’s been simple, sometimes edgy with far fewer awful turnovers than last season but anyway the playoff format leading is probably the biggest reason we’ve been sliding lately, at least I hope that’s what it is otherwise it’s going to be a short spring for our boys. LGR


  2. Normally I agree with damned near everything you say. Normally.

    Glass, in the lineup now, is an issue. The youth is the future and they need to play, not watch overpaid hamfists take their spots. Want to move Grabs to the fourth line, I’m all for it, but also be sure to have Vesey and Buch in the lineup and in the top 9.

    Someone, please, explain to me why the KBZ line has never reunited since Kreider came back from the injury that split it up.

    I think that assuming Hank will be classic Hank after coming back from a second injury in the season, at his advancing age, is the epitome of the classic ass-u-me line from The Odd Couple. He has peaked, to assume otherwise is to be blind. The truly scary part is that Girardi and Klein will be healthy as well once he returns, and to me that’s just as worrisome on the back end.

    Lastly, the head coach. For the life of me, I can not understand why Clendening makes the team in teh fall and then, despite injuries to two starting defensemen, continues to warm a seat in the press box while Kampfer not only gets called up;, but starts over him. Unlike the majority of your followers, I’ve watched Mr. Kampfer in Hartford. 21-37-6 is the current WP record. Last in the entire AHL. Hard to imagine that anyone on that team si going to be a difference maker in the NHL.

    AV’s asset management is a real issue and I’m still shaking my head that they gave him an extension midseason.


    1. I’m with you on Glass. I just don’t think complaining about him playing vs. the Islanders is the hill anyone should die on. AV’s personnel decisions have been brutal the last three years,.


    2. I’d love to see the KZB line. They were on fire. I’d love to see Kreiss play with that edge he showed early in the season. He’s a good player but he could be so much more using his size and strength along with some attitude. AV’s line combos has left me scratching my head for 3 seasons now.


  3. Fights don’t win you hockey games ,they need to hit the net .They pass too much trying to get a highlight goal .SHOOTTTTTTTTTTTT


    1. Not much to say in reference to back to back with no value for us ..Prep for P O’s only
      Fish dicks needed it a lot more yet we were strong & competitive
      Glass had to play but why sit Buchny? unless protect against weak back & tough physical games..Fast could have pulled up ..wanted to see more KID line
      Shey I agree : had a toughie ,maybe switching partners back & forth had sumthing to do with it
      Not Big on Clendenon & STumpner except as very competent ins policies
      Best & only part of waiting for P O’s are the experiments coming to hone a fine point & edge to NYR game.. A V ‘s personnel decisions I D K seems to me he is always trying to find top combos & has ….. his development of the yg new core is why he got an extension ….
      they all seem to put out & respect his way of handling there public images …..(See torts)


  4. I M O :After all the experimenting I see as best line combos for 3rd & 4th lines as well as the rest of line up built from the bottom up….
    4th line …OSCAR –Fast —Grabs ..stardust has wore off a lil need his grind game to take over
    3rd line Hayes & 2 kids Know it looks good w/Oscar but 2 kids flying around and Hyes(baby Joe Thornton) just controls puck & feeds them shot opps
    2nd line Z BAD Nash Miller ……very good & all areas of game solid line
    1st line Step Kreids Zucc……actually we have 2 # 2 lines not really a super #1 they will match up with cna share load with other 2nd line

    D load : cant wait to see G mman & shey ????
    If A V rolls in G man with out changing others than it falls into place
    how good can they be for our 3rd pair ..Klein is #1 reserve
    IS MAC -Staal strong enough ? or can G man & SHey make big moves to help them
    gotta leave Holden & Smith unlees they blow it up with some terrible paly but till now just so solid

    CANT WAIT…………………..L G R ……………..


  5. last & biggest point: NHL outline for a cup winner in personnel standards needed

    there is a common mold being used to win cups …..
    look back and tell me when the last cup winner didint have in their lineup
    1 A top5 center of lg.
    2 A top5 D man &both ways &PP of lg.
    3 A top5 scorer of lg.
    4 super solid goal tending if not great …
    Hasek & Roy stand out as goalies who carried team to cup( not often )
    USing that model it fits every team going back to 08 detroit & even them I found
    LIndstrom fo D Zetterburg cant think of russian scorer recent retiree
    keep looking its a fact of hockey
    with out these qualities the odds drop tremendously on winning cup
    Hence : I beleive the NYR can break that mold
    OR it will force the trade in off season of Step & maybe Nash & Zucc to find missing components cnat touch CORE 6 miller hayes vesey buchny zbad Kreids

    I’m bettin all in for CUP

    nice to have a contingency plan to sleep with for summer dreams


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