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Leetch Wants to Play for Leafs Alumni in 2013 Winter Classic

Brian Leetch tells Dan Rosen at NHL.com that he’d love to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs alumni team during next year’s Winter Classic weekend at Comerica Park in Detroit…

“Absolutely,” Leetch told NHL.com when asked if he’d be willing to play in another alumni game. “I was thinking about that when they announced it. I said to myself, ‘There are so many Toronto alumni, I don’t know if I’m going to make the cut on that one, but I’ll certainly throw my name in the hat if they need it.’ It’s been fun. I got to play in Fenway and then this past year’s, so if I got to sneak into another one it’d be great.

“You never know. I’d say yes if they asked me.”

Leetch played only 15 games and registered 15 points for the Maple Leafs after getting traded to Toronto by Glen Sather in 2004.

…hey, why not? It must be amazing to play in that kind of atmosphere, so if the opportunity presents itself again it makes all the sense in the world to accept. Didn’t realize he played for Bruins alumni two years ago.

…i still hate Sather for making that trade.

Speaking of Leetch, he had some very complimentary things to say about Ryan McDonagh also at NHL.com.

For video of Leetch at the Wayne Gretzky Fantasy Camp discussing the current Rangers team, click the “Read More” tab below…

Leetch talks Gretzky Fantasy camp, Winter Classic and the Rangers…

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