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Lightning 3, Rangers 2

The New York Rangers (44-24-2) lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning (33-26-9) by the score of 3-2. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star – The Rangers chances of clinching the first Wild Card.

2nd Star – My fantasy hockey team. (I started Peter Budaj tonight!)

3rd Star – The Rangers physical and mental well being (After playing 13 games in 22 days the Rangers get three days off)

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

When the Rangers lose to Tampa, Blueshirt fans have no choice but drink a Blue Lightning.

Gif of the Game

Hey Brady, your wannabe Cribs show with Jimmy Vesey was awful…

Missed Opportunities

This game came down to one thing: converting opportunities. The Lightning were able to on the few they had, while the Rangers left a ton of goals on the table…

If the Rangers could have cashed in on even one of those chances I think they win this game. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Tanner Glass Watch

While Glass did have a respectable 55% 5-on-5 Corsi For despite starting just 25% of his shifts in the offensive zone, I felt this was easily his least impactful game (just two hits) since his recall. The Rangers lacked an edge tonight, which was the sole reason for Glass’ recall. So if he’s not providing a spark physically, he’s fairly ineffective. Not to mention he was on the ice for the game winning goal against…

Mini Recap

Talk about a schizophrenic night. The Rangers outplay the Lightning but lose, however, it’s ok because the loss helps them in the standings. Huh?

Somehow the Rangers led in shot attempts (55-40), shots on goal (28-16) and faceoffs (37-23) but still managed to lose. Can you say frustrating?

Here’s exclusive video of Raanta in the first period…

Raanta’s save percentage doesn’t portray an accurate picture of his performance. While there weren’t many shots (just three in the first period), when the Lightning had a Grade A scoring chance, they buried it. These are the hardest games for a goaltender to perform in as it’s impossible to get a good feel for the puck. It becomes dependent on them to remain mentally sharp during the long lapses between shots on goal. And I thought, for the most part, Raanta stayed focused the entire night.

It’s not too often you see a defenseman dominate a game in all three zones the way McDonagh did tonight. Well, at least until this happened in the third period…

He cannot under any circumstances allow Point to get behind him late in a tied game.

Pretty sure that Kampfer goal ensures Clendening will be on waivers by the end of the week.

Two more power play chances against (20 in the last five games) including a crucial one in the first period that allowed the Lightning to somehow head into the first intermission tied and with momentum.

Jesper Fast can’t return soon enough as the Rangers penalty kill has now allowed five power play goals in the last four games.

What’s that Chris? You want some of my Boston Cream Pie?

Coming into the game the Rangers were 9-2-0 in the second half of back-to-backs this season, so it was somewhat surprising to see their game slip after the first 20 minutes. Although, they’ve played a ton of hockey recently, so it’s tough to criticize them after this one. Plus, tonight’s loss combined with Columbus’ win widens the Rangers hold on the first Wild Card to four points. Not a bad consolation prize.

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19 thoughts on “Lightning 3, Rangers 2

  1. Loved the gifs Kevin! And yeah that was as schizophrenic as it gets. Poor Antti got the full Henrik treatment – deflection and total defensive breakdown on the game winner. Let’s hope we keep playing .500 hockey until the last week of the season where we need to win to get some momentum. LGR!


      1. Callooo callay : when i try to sound it out ? sounds like a gay call in a bar to attract the same sex


  2. O K hope the gang gets inspired & gets back to thread writing ..i wanna chat and not game chat , i watch ,cant operate phone & post & watch ..Sooooo lets go bloggers ,we have till PO’s to get it movin….I have a refresh button & it aint hard to click it to update thread …Cmon we are gonna have a big blue train to pull thru P O’s … need the support & conversation..L G R


  3. O K the game ..it sucked ,how many times have we seen a front loaded effort & not get the results …. Nash ? can t hit net ..next stepon watch … But serious from start Krieds step nash Zbad Buchny all had open net shots & came up zilch…….
    2nd & 3rd periods were cloogging & dumping & greasy goal country…..
    we wernt hungry enuf for a greasy goal
    Klein ? worst back spasms ever? G man wore a vacuum ? him & Shey will make a great pair
    Aanti? O K but Budaj & the gang that couldnt shoot straight did him in….
    going Fri On the bridge … 50 yd line i hear gonna jump if i see the same 1/2 ass performance
    anyone in the house //lemme know its st pattys gonna throw a few down for sure
    Erin go Braugh (bra)less” & a pot o gold at the end of the rainbow
    I’ll take sum Acapulco gold in the pipe i smoke

    Liked by 1 person

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