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Lundqvist Gets New Mask; Biron Ditches Brown Gear

Bauer Equipment posted this pic of Henrik Lundqvist’s new mask on their Facebook page which he debuted Tuesday night in Pittsburgh…

…i thought he looked different. With the way the team played in front of him in Pittsburgh maybe he should stick with the old mask. Yes I am superstitious like that.

For Marty Biron’s thoughts on ditching his brown gear after a tough game against the Blackhawks last week, click the “Read More” tab below.

Speaking of superstitious, Pat Leonard at the Daily News reports Marty Biron ditched his alternative brown gear after giving up four goals in the first period against the Blackhawks last week…

“There’s nothing wrong with the pads, it’s just a mental thing,” Biron said.

Biron added that the contrast of the dark pads, glove and waffle board with the bright ice behind him revealed too much net to shooters.

…whatever makes you feel comfortable Marty.

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