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Maloney Wants to Eliminate Fighting

In an interview with Andrew Gross at the Bergen Record former Rangers and current radio analyst Dave Maloney said this about fight in the NHL…

“If the concussion issue continues to be front and center, I don’t know how you can have fighting in the game,” Maloney said Monday. “You rationalize it only because you had to deal with it, because it was part of [the game].

“I don’t know how the NHL can be on the cutting edge of the concussion issue and still allow fighting,” Maloney added. “That doesn’t add up. You can’t eliminate the collisions. You certainly can eliminate fighting.”

…you guys had a pretty good discussion on this yesterday. Not sure banning fighting is the way to go here.There is a lot less of it in the game today and we don’t even know if it had anything to do with Boogaard’s death. Rash decisions are never the way to go.

…if anything maybe the NHL increases the penalty for fighting to five minutes and then a 10 minute misconduct or maybe even a game misconduct which could force players into deciding whether it’s worth missing the time to fight.

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