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MIller to Sign With Rangers This Year?

Julie Robenhymer at Hockey Buzz says because the Rangers want their top prospects to develop in Hartford and learn to play together as early as possible she wouldn’t be surprised to see 2011 first round pick J.T. Miller sign with the Rangers and play in the AHL this season simply because he can and it’s what the Rangers want.

She also wonders if Miller’s decision to de-commit to North Dakota to play for with Plymouth of the OHL…

“Wouldn’t he be better served playing against players who are older, bigger, stronger and faster in the NCAA for at least a year or two where he could play beaucoup minutes in key situations and can continue his progression into an all-around player? In my mind, the OHL isn’t challenging enough for him at this point in his career, but he might not be able to earn the appropriate ice time in Hartford to maximize his development, where as I think the NCAA would have been the perfect option for him at the moment.”

Finally Robenhymer feels this is a classic example of a player bending to the will of an NHL club even if it might not be the best move for the player’s individual growth.

…the OHL really seemed to hold back the development of Stamkos, so Robenhymer is probably right. Sarcasm folks.

…got to trust that the Rangers and Miller are doing what is right.

Speaking of Rangers prospects here’s part II of CT Whale PR guru Brian Ring’s look at the Rangers development camp…

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