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New York Hockey Is No Fun

John Grigg at The Hockey News takes a look at the state of hockey for all three metro area hockey teams…

“So let’s do the math: perennially mismanaged basement dweller (the Islanders) + drastic underachiever with salary cap problems (the Devils) + the little team that just never quite can (the Sabres) + year-over-year mediocrity with little to look forward to (the Rangers).

What does that equal? A sucky time to be an NHL fan in New York.”

Grigg says this about the Rangers…

“The Blueshirts are just on the good side of .500, enough to hold down a playoff spot, but not enough to be a sure thing. They look like they’ll battle for one of the final playoff spots in the East all season. Again.

But things could go south at any moment. Marian Gaborik has been hurt and currently has the flu, but still hasn’t potted goals at his usual rate. Meanwhile Ryan Callahan and Brian Boyle have accounted for nearly a quarter of the team’s tallies. Those two have kept the Rangers going offensively, but that’s far from ideal.”

…what is the point of this article? Hockey is also no fun in Canada ask fans in Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa and Calgary. Did this guy actually get paid to write this article?

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