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NHL Promoting Avery Write-in Campaign

TheNYRBlog reader @CaptainBanana sent me the above picture of the NHL Live ticker promoting Sean Avery’s text message voting success.

Could it be that the NHL in some crazy way is excited about the possibility of the exposure an Avery All Star bid would bring to the game? Nah.

While the NHL is busy promoting Avery, there are still some write-in campaign haters out there including this Dallas Stars blogger who apparently still has Avery issues (h/t to @seanavery.net)…

“Witness again Sean Avery, who has garnered quite a large vote this year despite being, pardon me, an idiot and obviously less than a hockey players than dozens upon dozens behind in the voting. He’s 16th among forwards ahead of Brad Richards, the Sedins, Alex Seming, etc… This makes the All-Star vote even less than a popularity contest. It’s a belligerence contest between small groups of people congregating on the internet trying to seeing how far they can take their “bit”.”

Man I love the hate. Makes me even more committed to get Avery in the All Star Game.

Great job so far by those using the Droid app and everyone else voting the traditional way. Keep it up. This Christmas weekend has given us the opening we were looking for.

To vote for Avery you can either go to NHL.com or text “Avery” to 81812. Message and data rates may apply for text messages.

Also be sure to “Like” the official “Vote for Sean Avery” facebook page.

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