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Open Game Night Threads

Now that Bloguin has implemented the new commenting system, I thought I’d bring back the very unsuccessful “Open Game Night Thread” in my pre-game notes post starting tonight with the Rangers matchup against the Habs.

What the new system offers is real time commenting, so similar to IMing you won’t need to refresh your browser to see new comments.

This should make things a lot easier and fun. Remember the main page will not show how many comments have been posted so you will have to click into the post to join the conversation.

I’m going to try and join in tonight but with two kids 7pm is a tough time for me to get on the computer. What I’m thinking about doing is finding a reader who could be my game night thread moderator to keep the conversation flowing. If anyone is interested, please e-mail me at nyrfan94@yahoo.com.

Hoping this can be a way to really keep our tight community even tighter.

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