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Penguins 4, Rangers 3, SO

The New York Rangers (46-26-6) lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins (47-19-11) by the score of 4-3, in a shootout. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star – Fans of goaltending. (Sensational on both ends)

2nd Star – 3rd Period Scoring (Rangers are now second in the league with 97 third period goals after two more tonight)

3rd Star – Not having to play the Penguins in the 1st round. (Pens were playing with half their team and the Rangers still couldn’t beat them)

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

As more and more die hard Rangers fans are priced out of attending home games, the World’s Most Famous Arena has resembled more of a tomb than a hockey area. Especially during this 8-game home losing streak. However, that wasn’t the case after Kreider’s game tying goal in the dying seconds of the third period when the Blueshirt Faithful went insane. So, in honor of the home crowd being energized tonight, let’s drink a Corpse Reviver.

Gif of the Game

Good to see the 1970-71 season Vezina Trophy winning tandem of Eddie Giacomin and Gilles Villemure back at MSG tonight.

Hammerin’ Hank

It’s been a slog for Henrik Lundqvist in his first two games back off the disabled list, but tonight, despite giving up a goal from behind the goal line (F’n Crosby), it was vintage King…

While the third period comeback was nice, more important was Lundqvist returning to form. With the Rangers all but clinching the 1st Wild Card, these final games of the season are virtually meaningless except to allow Hank to shake off some rust headed into the postseason. I’d say mission accomplished tonight.

One potential concern is whether Lundqvist was injured on this play in the final minute of overtime…

The Penguins scored on both of their shootout attempts, with Lundqvist barely moving on Crosby’s game winner. Something to keep an eye on.


It looks like Stepan’s goal scoring woes of last month have officially rubbed off on Grabner…

There’s no way this isn’t in Grabner’s head right now. Sure, every player goes through goal scoring droughts, but the amount of Grade A scoring chances Grabner hasn’t been able to convert recently is absurd.

I Know I’m Supposed To Hate Crosby But…

Sidney Crosby constantly undermines his greatness with cheap shots, diving and whining (see here), but tonight, tonight, his repertoire of weapons were on full display…F’n asshole.

First Crosby proves he’s not just a goal scorer with this ridiculous dime…

Then he busts out a below the goal line snipe…

And finally, he breaks our hearts with this slick shootout winner…

Trust me, I hate the guy, but at the same time, I’m going to acknowledge greatness when I see it.

Although, I wouldn’t have minded seeing Lundqvist do this to Crosby again…

Since I’m feeling a little dirty after praising Crosby, I’m just going to post this to make myself feel better…

Mini Recap

This is a real tough game to analyze. Sure, I love the resiliency to at least gain a point, but the Penguins were playing without half their starting defense including Letang as well as without Malkin and Hagelin. And the Rangers still lost. All I have to say is thank God the Rangers are crossing over into the Atlantic Division in the postseason.

I’m just going to pretend the Rangers players are purposely losing at home in protest of real fans being priced out of the Garden.

Assuming the Buchnevich turnover on the Penguins third goal isn’t going to benefit him when AV is deciding on his Game 1 lineup.

I can’t say it enough, I love Rick Nash’s game this season. If Lundqvist is Lundqvist and Nash can consistently drive to the net, the Rangers could be dangerous this postseason.

Although, the X-factor remains the defense. If the defense can, at a minimum, be competent in the playoffs, they will go far. I actually thought, despite not having McDonagh in the lineup, the defense had a decent game tonight.

The power play continues to keep the Rangers in games. Wait, what?!?!?!

Did anyone else have flashbacks to Callahan breaking his leg blocking a Chara shot right before the start of the 2010-11 playoffs after watching Stepan do this…

After the Rangers clinched a playoff spot in San Jose, AV mistakenly mentioned that they needed one more point to clinch at least the 1st Wild Card, but in fact they needed two points. So after tonight’s loser’s point, they now need just one point to clinch that coveted spot.

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11 thoughts on “Penguins 4, Rangers 3, SO

  1. Ugh. Another home loss. This team, at best, loses in 6 to Montreal. There really isn’t anything in my estimation that would prove otherwise.

    Buchnevich didn’t have a particularly good game. His turnover led directly to the Rust goal. It was nice to see AV stick with him on the PP2 unit and not demote him any more.

    And if Hank was hurt on that last play in OT it’s all good. We have Raanta right?


  2. If you grasp the whole professional game and how players can pace themselves
    or not bring the passion and compete level to a boil KNOWS THIS
    It only matters when it matters ………….
    playing out the string…
    finding best possible combos and sum contingency combos in case your match ups get blown outta the water by other team….
    as much as i hate worthless games …sounded like a practice video from the rink
    DEAD quiet..even fans know theres nothing to get pumped up about …YET
    I love we are not in P O mode saving or fighting it out….
    BUT we have to read between lines and get what you can outta prep games
    Home loses …Yeah sure but so f’in what
    streaks dont hold water in PO’s ..they become albatross’s around your neck
    when a streak is busted its the end of the world for the fans & team …possible shock..in our case ,the team wasnt expected to make the PO’s ..to be in the top 5 in the EAST& basically league is basically (Chi) is a big accomplishment
    I am seeing a team that will lokk more like it did Opening nite then what we are seeing now…….Enjoy the success ,dont critque it to employ your standards
    the guys running team get my complete confidance in there decison making
    YOu guys on the outside with your guess pads & phony standards ..WELL
    they say more than 1/2 the NYR fan base is abunch of massochist/peesimists
    who can never be happy and try the hardest to infect others
    We have more than our fair share here ….. odds are against it every yr BUT i love makin guys like that eat their shyte with a strong P O run…
    X factor = no one will know how to match up with 4 attacking lines & 6 aggressive D men that will comeout like they were shot out of a cannon
    watch out MOnt ..i predict NYR in 5 maybe 6 …..


  3. Was at the game sitting behind our net and Hank (Murray too) was spectacular. The Crosby goal? Well he fired it off Hank’s head and it caroms in. Although Hank was too low on the post, I’d say it was more bad luck than anything. I loved the comeback but hated the sloppiness in the 1st and 2nd in front of the net. The number of wide open scoring chances the Pitt JV team got was crazy. Biggest issue now for me is them getting a win at home…


  4. Firstly I think the 2nd star should have been the goal post. The tandem of Henry and goal post was awesome!! Yeah the Crosby goal sucked but other than that Henry was absolutely stellar. The Pens are absolutely scary even with half their team and I hope Tie BJs can rough them up in the 1st round before we see them if that’s how the current playoff format works… I’m a bit confused on that as it makes no sense but we’ll have our hands full with the Habs.. they’ve become a heavy team. So even though we lost, we came back in the 3rd and we tied it by creating havoc in front of the net. That is a very good sign ending a month without too many good signs for our team. Too bad about Buch.. he looked good with Nash and Zibanijed before the turnover. As far as Crosby goes I give Sully a lot of credit in both handling Crosby and turning the team around. I really haven’t seen much of that whining and disgraceful behavior since Sully took over and he’s re-established his claim as world’s best player… for now. McDavid is something from another planet!!!


  5. Not sold on Hank being back. Everyone knows to just shoot at the heel of his stick and he will open the door. Pucks look like the batmobile entering the bat cave. Rather win or lose with Raanta at this point. Grabs is thinking too much now that there are expectations


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