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Raanta Mentioned As Trade Target For Two Teams

With Benoit Allaire successfully transforming another backup goaltender into a valuable commodity, it could be déjà vu for the Rangers this offseason if they’re looking to cash in on Aanti Raanta’s impressive season ala Cam Talbot in 2015.

Besides the potential of swapping Raanta for some much needed help on the blueline, it will also save the Rangers from losing him for nothing in this offseason’s expansion draft.

In an interesting subplot, if the Rangers are able to move Raanta before the Golden Knights nab him for free, they’d become non-compliant of the exposure requirements for goaltending, so they’d either have to submit a qualifying offer to Mackenzie Skapski or acquire a pending RFA goaltender or one that is under contract for the 2017-18 season ahead of the expansion draft.

As far as possible interest in Raanta, there’s already been talk of at least two teams that could be in the market for the Finland native’s services.

Mike Heika at the Dallas Morning News reports that the Stars are likely to buyout one or even both of halves of their horrendous goaltending duo and mentions Raanta as a possible replacement…

“This is the perfect example of an expansion draft gem. The Rangers wouldn’t normally think about trading Raanta, who’s a bargain at his salary. He has been the perfect backup to aging Henrik Lundqvist, but he also would be the perfect new goalie for Vegas.

Raanta, 27, seems to be in the same spot that San Jose’s Martin Jones or Edmonton’s Cam Talbot once were, backing up well-established goaltenders. Raanta might really enjoy the chance to be a No. 1 goalie in Dallas. So what would the Rangers want for Raanta, who is 14-7-0 with a 2.29 GAA and .921 save percentage?”

Heika adds that San Jose surrendering a 2016 first-round draft pick and prospect Sean Kuraly for Jones and Edmonton giving up the 57th, 79th and 184th picks in the 2016 draft for Talbot and the 209th offer a good forecast of what Dallas would have to forfeit for Raanta.

Meanwhile, Lyle Richardson at Spector’s Hockey mentions Raanta as a potential target for the Colorado Avalanche if they decide to move on from Semyon Varlamov, who, when not injured, struggled mightily this season.

Fascinating spot for Gorton and the Rangers. Raanta is absolutely going to be a target for Vegas, so I’m sure they’d hate to suffer a downgrade at the goaltending position with nothing to show for it. At the same time, if Raanta is traded away then one of Grabner, Lindberg or Fast are are going to be grabbed by the Golden Knights, so they’d be out two valuable players. Not ideal.

To me, Raanta has the most value of any of the Rangers exposed players, so if they’re able to stock up on draft picks or acquire a stud defensive prospect, I think Gorton would be foolish not to pull the trigger.

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10 thoughts on “Raanta Mentioned As Trade Target For Two Teams

  1. “… so they’d either have to acquire a pending RFA goaltender or one that is under contract for the 2017-18 season ahead of the expansion draft.”

    So do that. What’s so hard about this? Keep Raanta!


    1. Not hard, just mentioning that if they do move Raanta before the expansion draft, they’d have to make a corresponding move.


  2. I think if Raanta does get traded by the Rangers, it will be after the expansion draft. Obviously this is provided he doesn’t get taken. In my opinion the best scenario for the Rangers is that he gets taken, simply because its the most replaceable position. No one is trading much for goalies these days. If you get a 2nd rounder, it seems nice..but hypothetically you’re trading Raanta and 1 of Grabner/Lindberg/Fast for that 2nd rounder.

    God wouldn’t it be so cool if Vegas took Klein or Holden!

    Thats best case A and B

    C best case is if they take Raanta (well below A & B though)


    1. Yes, losing both Raanta and Grabner with a minimal return would not be ideal. The Sharks were able to to get a 1st round pick & a prospect for Jones, so maybe Rangers would be able to take advantage of a Dallas team who is looking to upgrade their goaltending situation.


      1. Heck yeah if you get that offer before the expansion draft. Just lots of moving parts to do before expansion, like Dallas would have to unprotect someone to protect Raanta, NYR have to expose another goalie somehow. GM’s in this league hate making 1 move, let alone corresponding moves!

        Its a simpler move post expansion, Dallas can just as easily make same offer to LV if they take Raanta. I dont know, because I have zero idea how this draft is going to shake out (backdoor deals, w/draft picks etc.)

        Like offer LV a 2nd to take Klein, then recoup pick (and more?) with Raanta trade post expansion draft.

        Whats worst case and best case for you Kevin?


    2. Best case would be to get Dallas to take Girardi along with Raanta in exchange for one of the goaltenders they’re looking to move. Obviously Girardi would have to waive no trade clause, but you did ask for best case scenario.

      Worst case, they trade Raanta for only late round picks and then lose Grabner to Vegas.


  3. I’m looking over the comments and this is definitely one aspect of pro hockey I’m not too savvy on ( trade value expansion etc.) but it seems to me your goalie is your most important player out there. He plays 60 minutes and a top goalie will steal games for you and you ain’t winning if you’re goalie ain’t stopping the puck so why would the trade value be low for a goalie with Raanta’s numbers and salary? We should be able to get a good piece and develop one of our young net minders who . Raanta’s been awesome! IHere’s another silly idea that will never happen but what about not protecting Henry? Would an expansion team choose a 35 yr. old goalie making 8 M???? Actually that would probably be a prize and attendance booster for a hockey team in Vegas… never mind. The thought of losing any of those players mentioned we can’t protect for nothing is pretty sickening and one team in the desert is enough lol


  4. Saying “They’d be out two valuable players” is disingenuous when you’d be getting assets back fro Raanta in any trade


    1. Raanta and Grabner are valuable and they wouldn’t be on the team. Hence, out two valuable players. But yes, there’d be a return which would potentially offset their loss.


  5. I believe Grabner should have been traded at the deadline as well, think not doing that will bite the Rangers in the a## just like keeping Yandle did. Agree with moving Raanta and how about going after Niemi? UFA made 4.5 mill, think Rangers can maybe sign him for half of that as Niemi’s stock now is no where near that salary.


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