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Rangers 2, Flames 1

The New York Rangers (12-9-1) defeated the Calgary Flames (8-11-1) by the score of 2-1, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and newyorkrangers.com.

…man was that a physical game. Which is surprising considering these two teams don’t play each other all that often. Love that the Rangers were the aggressors not sure if it had anything to do with Glencross’ hit on Drury last year.

…speaking of physical have you ever seen a hit as big as the one Staal threw tonight? WOW!!!! Stajan didn’t know what planet he was on. Staal has really been bringing it physically lately.

…outstanding game from the Rangers #1 defenseman…Dan Girardi.

…lots of pressure on Lundqvist Wednesday. If he has another clunker, Biron might find himself starting a few more in a row.

…you know Boyle is living a charmed life when he’s scoring goals like that.

…how great was it watching Flame players running away from Boogaard when he was begging someone to fight him?

…Stepan is really coming along. And is being rewarded with Torts putting him out there in the final minute in a one goal game. Second most ice time for Ranger forwards (19:08).

…nice to see Sauer handle himself when the Flames went after him.

…Eminger continues to impress.

…off tomorrow then down to sunny Tampa.

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