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Rangers 3, Canadiens 1 (NYR Win 4-2)

The New York Rangers defeated the Montreal Canadiens by the score of 3-1 in Game 6 of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal match-up to win the series 4-2. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star – The postseries handshake (The greatest tradition in sports)

2nd Star – Mats Zuccarello’s face after scoring the game winning goal.

3rd Star – The bench’s reaction to Stepan’s empty netter…

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

Let’s join the Rangers by downing a Montreal.

Gif of the Game

I think I speak for every Rangers fan when I say “Thank you, Dan” for this hit on Gallagher as time expired in the 2nd period…

F’n prick.

Comeback King

I can’t even imagine the frustration Henrik Lundqvist experienced this season. Between the uneven play, multiple injuries and healthy scratches this was easily the most trying chapter of his storied Rangers career. But as I predicted in my series preview, he used the doubt from his critics as motivation in this series as he outplayed a goaltender who most “experts” consider the best in the world.

And tonight was the icing on the cake, as Carey Price (25-31 career playoff record, BTW) gave the Rangers momentum by allowing a very stoppable goal to Zuccarello to tie the game, while Lundqvist was risking life and limb by getting in front of this howitzer from Weber…

And then clinching the series with this ridiculous save as the Rangers clung to a 2-1 lead with time running out…

More importantly, Lundqvist serviced another playoff opponent with the water bottle treatment, as he reenacted this Crosby bath…

With one for Gallagher…

If Lundqvist can continue to provide this level of goaltending for the remainder of the postseason, the Rangers are going to be one tough out.

You Beautiful Little Bastard

I’ve got to admit, early in the series, I wondered if Zuccarello was getting caught up in the physicality and not focusing on being the dynamic play maker we’ve come to embrace. Whelp, tonight he proved he could do both. Not only did Zuccarello give out as many hits as he absorbed this series, with the Rangers 40 minutes from a potential  flight back to Montreal for Game 7, he came up huge for his team…

While Lundqvist is the backbone of this team, Zuccarello is the heart and soul.

Chadwick Motivational Speech

I’m not sure what AV said during the 1st intermission to fire up the Rangers after a lackluster opening period, but I’m just going to pretend he gave this Murray Chadwick speech…

Mini Recap

Over the last few years, I’ve criticized the Rangers for being too soft and not tough enough to push back against heavier teams who attempt to intimidate. Well, I’ve gained a new found respect for this current group of Rangers. This was as nasty a series as you’re going to see in today’s NHL and the Rangers held their own and then some. From the drop of the puck in Game 1, the Blueshirts did not allow themselves to be pushed around. When Montreal wanted to bang, the Rangers banged (Hockey Porn!). When the Canadiens tried to run Lundqvist, his teammates were there to defend their goaltender. The team played with an edge I didn’t think they had in them. I mean when you’re seeing guys like Skjei and Zibanejad throw the body around, you know this team has a different feel to it.

Having said that, it was a decision by AV to add some skill to the lineup that was the turning point in this series. Tanner Glass provided the Rangers more than anyone could ever imagine the first three games, but they needed a spark offensively and the addition of Buchnevich transformed the line-up into a deeper, more balanced group while not abandoning the new found bite to their game.

Montreal learned a tough lesson in this series: speed trumps brawn. Sure guys like Ott, Shaw, Gallagher, King and McCarron provide grit and toughness, but at the end of the day you’ve got to score goals to win and those five guys combined for a grand total of THREE POINTS in this series (all by Gallagher). Once AV added Grabner to the 4th line of Lindberg & Fast, Montreal’s bottom three had no chance.

Speaking of the 4th line, Fast was easily my unsung hero of this series as he finished with 2g, 1a and had this huge block on Weber tonight…

Not a bad time for the Rangers to score their first power play goal of the playoffs.

I said it earlier in the series, you can win in the playoffs with a struggling power play, but you can’t advance without getting the job done on the penalty kill. And the last two games, the Rangers penalty kill was the MVP.

My under-rated performer of the series was Vesey, who proved he can handle the physicality and intensity of the postseason, including this fight with Pacioretty tonight…

Not sure there’s a Rangers player happier to get this series over with than Chris Kreider who was absolutely brutal.

Throughout the season, I stated that the Rangers defense merely needed to be pedestrian for this team to be dangerous. I’d say they were pedestrian and then some in this series. In fact, I don’t think it would be hyperbole to state that they dominated the Montreal forwards (minus Radulov).

Looking ahead to the Senators or Bruins, the only thing Rangers fans should be rooting for at this point is that their series goes seven games.

Enjoy this one Rangers fans, your team earned their spot into the second round.

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20 thoughts on “Rangers 3, Canadiens 1 (NYR Win 4-2)

  1. I’m considering getting a Smith jersey.

    Tricksy little hobbitses.

    I’m glad that we won in 6 (obviously), but also… that wasn’t a hockey game. That was a street fight and I was legitimately worried that someone was going to get seriously injured if we went to game 7.

    Love Fast always have always will.

    And now to down a few rounds before Round 2. Drink well!!


  2. Awesome!!
    Love G’s push of that pesky 11 into the net.
    Buch was fearless, and paid the price. Good experience for him and I am sure, a motivator to bulk up in the off season (which I hope will be real short)
    Next, 10 and 20 to wake the f@ up and we will go places.


  3. wowww, what a feeling that was… Im proud of this team. Even with all the goonish plays from that other team, we pushed through, matched their physicality and took it to them. First period was not easy to watch, but after that they flipped the switch as they’ve done before in this series. Loved every second of this game. Refs were a bit better tonight but not much. If our boys can play like that at home moving forward they will not be an easy out. Fans were going bananas tonight and it was great to see. On to the next round, LETS GO RANGERS!!!!


  4. Love your recap Kevin!! I agree about Fast.. he’s not under appreciated by me ( having called him the new Jan Erixon many times), and he has great hands…nor Vesey who looked like a veteran out there. This series was won at the goaltending position. End of story! Cal it intuition but I knew Price was not going to be invincible and the Fast goal in game 5 and the first Zucc goal on game 6 you expect one of today’s top goalies to stop. Hank on the other hand who I thought would be better exceeded my expectations. Not overly tested but damn did he make the difficult clutch saves when he had to. I’ve also been saying through out the year how I thought our lack of defense and toughness were overstated. They exceeded even my expectations. This was one of the finest defensive displays by both teams I’ve ever seen in the playoffs. And i add at the expense of shit being thrown at me I have gained much respect for Gallagher. Tough little shit who dishes it out, takes it in, crosses the line but not in an intent to injure kind of way and doesn’t whine and complain. An Avery with a slightly higher skill set who like Avery, both players at 5’10” not afreaid tocgo to the tough areas. Orr on the other hand is a pussy. My final obs: last night was a must win game if we are to have a prayer at a cup. Rest up boys! Another defensive team (probably Ottawa) waits in the wings. Oh, and I’m willing to bet Pachioretty has a wrist issue… that lethal wrister of his looked slow and innefective. Maybe Kreids was playing hurt too? As fans we just don’t know but it’s our job to get on the underperformers lol. LGR!


  5. What a way to win this series. Hank standing tall, Zuuc doing Zuuc things, Hayes finally showing up and making Pierre proud of that weight loss yet again, Girardi being a monster, Vesey becoming a man before our very own eyes, Buch showing everyone he should never exit the lineup again, and Holden and Staal saying “hang on just a second. We’re actually pretty good.” My favorite moment was Hank snagging Weber’s howitzer and his entire team just looking at him and saying “you ok bro?”


  6. Wonder if grit pays dividends on the golf course? Very good feeling to eliminate those bastards. That’s batards for you French speakers. If the Sens/Bruins go 7, I hope we don’t suffer one of those few days off in a playoff run hangovers and drop the first game.
    Useless fun fact – had the same car stereo in my ’75 Cutlass Supreme that I drove to see Caddyshack that Rodney had installed in his golf bag.


      1. And of course, being summer 1980, I had Back in Black in the cassette player. I believe Rodney had Journey’s Any Way You Want It.


  7. Well, it is the Sens. Is every road overtime goal celebration presided over by someone over-zealously giving the finger from behind the glass?
    I hope we find some room to enter the offensive zone. It will have to be the focus of our preparation going into the series. We have trouble with defenders holding fort at the blue line with a man-advantage. I remember the difficulty we had during the season, at least one time we played them. Think maybe we scored 5 on them one game. Either way, it will be exciting.


  8. Pumped!! When Price is a FA next summer, he should set his price at 75% of Hank’s salary, cause he ain’t no Hank!! He’s the Ed Belfour of today…all pomp and no circumstance when it matters most!! Gotta think Kreider, Stepan, Zib, and Miller step it up a bit next series, especially Kreider since he cut his playoff chops against Ottawa a few years back. Every player except Staal and Buch had at least 1 point in the series…BALANCE!!! Rangers are better than Ottawa, let’s just hope they remember that and play with the killer instinct.

    BTW, Shea Webber…eliminated in 6 by #7 seed. P.K. Suban…eliminated #1 seed in 4. Montreal should just stop trading altogether, they’re not very good at it.


    1. Ha ha… personallyId take Weber over Subban any day of the week but either way I Know the Rangers, especially Hank are happy they won’t have to see his Bob Feller Heater of a slap shot for a long time


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