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Rangers 3, Canadiens 2, OT (NYR 3-2)

The New York Rangers defeated the Montreal Canadiens by the score of 3-2 in overtime of Game 5 of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal match-up to take a 3-2 series lead. For a box score, click here.

3 Stars

1st Star – The joy I had watching this helpless nucklehead behind Zibanejad being reduced to a neanderthal who can do nothing but give the finger after his team goes down in flames (H/T to reader John)…

2nd Star – Lundqvist’s postgame reaction…

3rd Star – Vigneault jumping around like a little kid after the winner…

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation

Since Mika Zibanejad had the final say in tonight’s game, I’ve got to recommend The Last Word.

Gif of the Game

Girardi hits Shaw so hard his glove goes flying off…

Just Put It On Loop Rangers Fans

Brassard who?

To say it’s been a struggle for both Zibanejad and Kreider in this series could be the understatement of the century. Right, Chris?

So the two of them teaming up on the game winner should be huge for their confidence going forward.

And don’t discount the addition of Buchnevich to this line as the Russian rookie is creating offense on every shift.

FYI, make sure you do watch the above video for no other reason than the Dave Maloney scream when Zibanejad scores.


Ladies and gentleman, your Captain: Ryan McDonagh!!!!

The guy is almost knocked out of the game, then on the very next shift puts Shaw through the boards as the umpteenth reminder to Montreal that they made one of the worst trades in NHL history…

Watching McD take that kind of jolt and bounce back reminded me of 2012 playoff series against the Capitals when he shrugged off this hit…

I swear McDonagh should have this song as his intro music whenever he walks into a room…

These Refs Suck!!!!!

The officiating was so atrocious, I literally don’t have the bandwidth to give you gif after gif after gif of the refs looking the other way at not just penalties, but dangerous acts of violence from Canadiens players. I mean, if a slash to the face isn’t being called, then I’m not sure the Rangers will see a power play unless a Montreal player takes off one of their skates and stabs somebody with it. And even then I’m not sure.

Look, I’m an old school guy who wants the refs to let them play in the postseason, but what’s being ignored is downright criminal. Montreal wants this to be a street fight because they can’t beat the Rangers straight up, so for the refs to be complicit is beyond frustrating.

The Rangers deserve some of the blame as well because if they, you know, actually scored on the rare power play chance they do draw, the Canadiens might be deterred from being so physical.

I can’t tell you how furious I was at the officiating tonight.

I Love You Man!

I F’n love Brendan Smith…

Smith wasn’t acquired to be the missing piece of a potential Stanley Cup run. His services were summoned to provide some stability to a wobbly Rangers blueline. But the more you watch him, the more he looks like the kind of guy you need on the backend of a championship team. Sure, he provides zero offense, but he’s been able to thrive in the dirty, ugly, mean minutes that have become commonplace in this series.

Unfortunately, Smith’s solid play this postseason is only raising his price tag this summer, but hopefully his time in New York will entice him to give Gorton a hometown discount.

Mini Recap

Between the Canadiens dirty play and the ref’s blind eye, I’m not sure I’ve ever wanted the Rangers to win a game as badly as I did tonight. I literally woke up all three of my sleeping children when Zibanejad banged home the winner. I’m still so jacked!!!!!

The first 38 minutes sadly resembled much of what we witnessed in Game 3. Zero net front presence. No pucks deep. And Lundqvist bailing the team out. But then Rick Nash drove to the net and the entire complexion of the game changed. Rangers fans have waited five long years, but Nash is finally dominating a playoff series.

The Calder Trophy (top rookie) candidates were nominated today. And while Skjei was rightfully no where near the top three, we are getting a glimpse of a game breaking defenseman in the making.

Similar to Montreal in the overtime of Game 2, it wasn’t a matter of if the Rangers were going to win, but when as they completely dominated the extra frame.

Can you award The Broadway Hat to an entire penalty kill corps?

After posting an early game changing breakaway save in Game 4, Lundqvist had a sequel in Game 5 only this time it was late in the 3rd period…

I’m not sure if it was the time off due to multiple injuries or that he just matches up well with Montreal, but Dan Girardi has been a rock in this series. And, as Micheletti reported after the game, he’s doing this with an ankle so gruesome from blocking a shot earlier in the season, he’s had to use a modified skate to get his ankle into the boot.

After one of his best defensive efforts of the season in Game 4, Marc Staal may have had one of the worst sequences of his career on Montreal’s first goal tonight…

Has there ever been a more unheralded Rangers player than Jesper Fast? Never gets the credit he deserves.

The Rangers have taken two out of three in Montreal, but I’m assuming they want nothing to do with a return trip to the Province of Quebec, so expect them to come out hard and fast with their, hopefully, new found confidence on home ice Saturday night.

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31 thoughts on “Rangers 3, Canadiens 2, OT (NYR 3-2)

  1. Great recap as usual Kevin. AV and his assistants jumping up and down, screaming and hugging, might be my favorite moment of the year. Just kidding! It was Hank stoning Patches and Zib and Kreids combining for the epic win!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What an amazing game! Must have sucked to be a Habs fan and having that feeling of impending doom for the entire overtime. It would have been shocking if we didn’t win that one, once overtime transpired as it did. They say it is hard to “just flip a switch,” but Hank has “just flipped a switch!”
    Staal lost his mind. Ok, you don’t want to give it to Zucc because he can probably only chip it further forward and the Canadiens get possession, then flip it ahead to Holden and get a body on the guy hounding you to give Holden some time. Or you could……..


  3. Great analysis again Kevin. Up until the last 5 minutes Of the 2nd I really didn’t like this game. Not that we weren’t trying but the extra effort to break through the tough Montreal D wasn’t there. The goddam officiating is what pissed me off the most. They know they can do whatever the fuck they want and not get a call against unless it’s taking away a scoring chance. Guys could have gotten seriously gotten hurt as the (probably Canadian) officialsstick their whistles in their asses. Absolute disgrace! So we came out of the 3rd tied 2-2. The momentum had changed thanks to the fact we so thorougjy dominatec in territory last game, and played 2/3 of the game in their zone, which wears down the opponents you had to like our chances in OT. With that performance through 3, we were out shot, out chanced had 22 turnovers to their 9 but still managed a +18 shot attempt differential, mainly from their 3 Rd period effort. How did that happen? Rick Nash… something happened last off season because he came into this October looking like a leader for the 1st time in a Rangers uniform. Though his numbers didn’t reflect it easily his best season in NY and his first season to not come up small in the playoffs. Good job Rick. Love the KZB line. Lots more I could say but it’s late. The total domination in overtime with Montreal looking like they were going to puke on the ice was music to my eyes. Keep the pedal to the metal and make me look good boys.. I predicted you’d take this one in 6


  4. Play off hockey at its best..boy did we answer the call ,slow start but kept taking gice & turning Mont into a cheap intentionally attempting to injure ? where is the NHL ? i thought last games antics would be a guard rail of how far you can go BUT Mont will push the acts till injury ….
    When krieds missed that golden opp i screamed when Zbad finished the dplay I screamed
    Now Hayes & Miller turn to wake up & be counted ….. NYR has found their game..
    we are tough gritty in your face speed demons countering and pushing the play…
    tool home teams best 1st period push & took the game slowly away till 3rd & OT were all NYR
    except Patches breakaway & refs giving PP on the usual nothing with 5 min left …love the NHL
    not even blinking at the kind of play thats warranting suspension reviews with nasty moves
    not even called … Gallagher stick to Mac chest face..? OTT is out of control trying to hurt
    we hit the hell out of em and will continue Buchny who ha d golden slot shot he passed on
    will hurt them next game & is a force getting stronger ..L G R just finding the game & spirit
    needed to carry us thru ..L G R Sat is gonna close the door on this B S and open up against Ott probably ..now if Pitt& Wash can beat the shit out of eachother … FINE see ya for the
    conf finasl after the war ..love the scenario unfolding …L GR


    1. “Tough gritty in your face speed demons”… love it! The non calls were a disgrace and all of North Smerica gets to see these nasty sore losers on display while Sid finally grows up. I think Buch scores next game, road to the cup eventually has to take us through 1 of the 2 best teams. Probably Pittsburgh m.


  5. The high stick on McD?


    Keith got 6 games for this, whereas McD wasn’t hit in the face, it was still a reckless play and deserves the appropriate punishment immediately.

    My dog ate my NHL Rules Compendium, maybe you can help me. When did they add in to the goalie section that it’s ok to repeatedly slam into a goalie, in the crease, while making a play for the puck? It’s probably near that point where you can break the goalie’s stick without a penalty as well. I find it’s insane that Ott was not called for Goalie Interference.

    These refs have been beyond terrible, and to be honest they did let the NYR get away with SOME less than legal plays, but … My take on refs is based on nearly 20 years of coaching youth and high school sports, I’d rather they call everything or nothing. If there’s any grey area, you can rest assured the call you want won’t be made, or the one you fear will. Give me some guidelines early in on the game and let my team play within those lines.

    I asked you via twitter if you thought Girardi had played his way out of a post season buyout. I think they still have to buy him out. He’s been solid no doubt since his return, but there’s MUCH better out there and that cap hit is not equal to his play level. The mediocre regular season and then amped up playoff performance is rather akin to Brian Boyle while he was here.

    I’m a Kreider shill, but c’mon, you need a better gif to show his woes in this series. That was puck looked like R.A. Dickey made the pass. Don’t get me wrong, he hasn’t been anywhere near the form of his fresh off the collegiate bench to NHL playoffs season. However there’s no shortage of NYR that have failed to bury pucks in gaping chasms this series either.

    Solid write up as always man, keep ’em coming.


    1. I’d honestly keep Girardi and move on from Staal either via buyout or eating basically half of his cap hit for the duration of his contract. Girardi has less time left on his contract. Just have to limit Girardi’s minutes going forward.

      The refs are a disgrace to the game of hockey. Its just baffling that they’re turning a blind eye to such egregious offenses all series long.


    2. Girarfi’s had a nice bounce back season. Really noticed the improvement all year but these playoffs the way he’s standing guys up he’s stood out. Obviously there are better out there but he’s gotten the call against top lines all year and despite modest skills had answered it. If he does get bought out which makes sense he would this is a nice way to end your NYR career.


      1. What concerns me is the ankle that is a mess right now and being dealt with via a special skate as mentioned last night. Will he require another surgery in the off-season, and then will that require half or more of the season to work through etc. He’s been awesome in the playoffs, as physical as he was a few years ago and MUCH better on the puck as well, I agree that while Girardi got better, Staal got worse (remember, just a short while ago people were saying how much better Staal was playing), it’s like they balance each other in some cosmic Greek hockey tragedy.

        I’m fine with the idea of buying out/trading Staal and relegating Girardi to 3rd pair/nights off for rest etc, but honestly, do you trust AV to do that? Klein gets one game back and boom back in the box for Holden who by sheer virtue of puck luck is able to snag that puck back from the 2-0 onslaught about to happen (shades of MSL’s turnover at the blue line vs TB). Hell it’s taken him around 5 months to re-institute the KZB line.


      2. Staal was aweful last night. Holden not much better. I would have liked to see AV give Klein another game. Though he wasn’t exactly stellar he’s been sitting the whole series and maybe needs a little time to get his legs? If nothing else he brings more of an edge to his game than Holden


  6. First time for me on the new blog. Nice to see you back posting Kevin!!

    Not much to say for me. For the first time in a very long time, I came into a post-season with very little hope. I got a glimmer back after game 1 and was right back to zero after that game 2 goal. Last night re-charged me, as well as Hank channeling his inner-Roy so far, and Nash finding the fountain of youth. If said youth (looking at you Miller, Kreider, Hayes, Vesey, etc.) can put their game faces on, this team could be on a run!! Let’s Go Rangers!!!


    1. Nice to see you Gravey. Hope you’re well. Like the ’69 Mets You Gotta Believe!!! (I knew Tug through a friend’s family back in the day and can’t tell you how exciting as a 10 year old boy that was


  7. good write up kevin. appreciate it. great win by the rangers. could this have some carry over? who knows. great to see hank scream like a viking there. good stuff. love seeing girardi putting the hurt on.

    i am entertained!

    that said, do the rangers close this out next game? ha! no fucking way! that’d be too easy on the fans and after all, heart doctors gotta eat too!


  8. hello all, first time leaving a comment on this blog. Although i have been following the site for years. This team!!!! Nothing makes me happier than seeing the habs take liberties all game long and still come out on top. If we get through this series, i think we can play with any team out there. Love the fact they saved the physicality for the postseason, everyone is hitting something. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!


  9. I have a strong feeling that the Rangers are going to blow out the Canadiens tomorrow…..what a difference in play from the previous 3 periods to overtime……Were the Canadiens tired? Did the lose their game? Or if that was strictly from the Ranger speed….The Rangers should be confident as hell and take care of business…..from my lips to God’s ears.


    1. The Canadians are a beaten team. You could see it all over. I share your feelings, as long as we press hard from the opening face off and don’t let up we got these guys.


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