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Rangers 3, Islanders 0

The New York Rangers (22-8-4) defeated the New York Islanders (11-17-6) by the score of 3-0, tonight. For a boxscore and recap go to Yahoo! Sports.

…can you say first place in the Eastern Conference?

…never an easy task to play the day after Christmas so full marks to the Rangers for continuing winning streak against rivals.

…so this Hank guy is pretty good.

…everyday I’m Ha-ge-lin.

…i’ve been very critical of Boyle’s play this season, but never again after what I saw at the end of the second period. Warrior.

…i know that +/- can be misconceiving, but a +25 for Del Zotto must mean he’s doing something right.

…first time sitting in 100s tonight. If you can every scrounge up the cash, I highly recommend.


…there were so few Islanders fans at MSG tonight Rangers fans had to fight amongst themselves. Which was still very entertaining. Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!

…to be honest I was so drunk at the game I really don’t remember anything else, so if I missed something leave it in the comments section.

…off tomorrow then in Washington Wednesday night.

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